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Release Notes, Week 70
11 October 2021

Release Notes, Week 70

Hi everyone! 👋Hope you enjoyed the weekend and found new inspiration to start the week on a high note. Today, we have a new update ready for you focused... Read more   →


08 October 2021

Which Marketing Channels Drive Sales for eCommerce?

Good news! You just made a sale on your eCommerce site. It’s exciting when revenue comes in, but once the excitement dies down, you probably have some... Read more   →
06 October 2021

Growing eCom Revenue through Subscription with Gabriella Yitzhaek, Founder and CEO of Smartrr

Gabriella Yitzhaek, Founder and CEO of Smartrr, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss the smarter way to grow eCom revenue, how to overcome the challenges to... Read more   →
How to Get the Most Out of a Conference The Complete Guide
05 October 2021

How to Get the Most Out of a Conference

Why are conferences important? The reasons are several. It is a conference where you get the chance to meet visionaries in your field, thought leaders who... Read more   →
05 October 2021

Release Notes, Week 69

Hello everyone! 👋Did you do anything fun over the weekend? Like any other Monday, we’d like to help you get through the week as smoothly as possible. As... Read more   →
01 October 2021

How to Provide a Better Client Experience With Content Marketing for Your E-commerce Business

Content marketing has genuinely transformed how businesses interact with their present and potential customers. They no longer require the constant push of... Read more   →
29 September 2021

Real-Time Text Messaging for eCommerce Growth with Lisa Popovici from Cartloop

Lisa Popovici, Co-founder, and COO at Cartloop, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss the importance of real-time text messaging for eCommerce growth, how... Read more   →
27 September 2021

Release Notes, Week 68

Hi everyone! 👋We hope you have a productive week full of creativity and positivity. ☀️🌴 Today, we’re eager to show what we’ve been... Read more   →
24 September 2021

SyncSpider Named Category Leader for Integration Software

The world has changed for everyone in the past year or two – including e-commerce businesses. Many companies had to pivot and adapt to the new policies... Read more   →
22 September 2021

Minimizing Returns and Increasing Conversions for eCom with Allison Lee, CEO of Hemster

Allison Lee, CEO at Hemster, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss how customisation in product/service offering can lead to higher customer satisfaction,... Read more   →
17 September 2021

Security release note

Hi everyone!! 👋 Hope you’re enjoying the new update and changes that were presented in the latest release notes this week. You’re probably wondering... Read more   →
16 September 2021

Release Notes, Week 67

Hi everyone!! 👋 How’s your week going so far?Today, it’s time for the Release Notes of week 67 so we have a couple of news to share with you. First... Read more   →
08 September 2021

Multiply Your eCommerce Store’s Virality with Jay Gibb, Founder, and CEO of CloudSponge

Jay Gibb, Founder, and CEO of CloudSponge, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss how CloudSponge and the Contact Picker Tool is helping eCommerce stores, the... Read more   →
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