SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion

Use case

email automation
31 August 2021

Can email automation help your e-commerce store?

In 2020 the world crashed and turned into email marketing for more significant revenues. The email marketing system Smaily saw an increase of roughly 100... Read more   →
25 September 2020

Release Notes, Week 37

Hi everyone, this week we are finally putting out new integrations as well as more updates for the old ones, by the schedule. The new integrations we have are... Read more   →
25 June 2020

Release notes, Week 25

Hi everyone, another great week behind us! As usual we have made more improvements over the week. We done some more work on the WooCommerce, Magento 2,... Read more   →
15 May 2020

Release notes, Week 19

Hi everyone, we have some more great improvements to share today! We have done some improvements to our core as well as the Sharefile, ITscope, WooCommerce,... Read more   →
16 March 2020

Release notes, Week 10

What a week! 5 feature improvements and a hotfix! Scroll down and check what we did efforts. Read more   →
24 January 2020

Release notes, Week 3

Here is a short overview of what’s been developed during this 3rd week of the year 2020week. These release notes include three hotfix. and two improvements Read more   →
24 December 2019

Huge change to SyncSpider core

Last week’s developments were mostly about the SyncSpider core. A lot of refactoring was done on our ServiceProvider, module configuration file,... Read more   →
16 December 2019

How To Brand Your eCommerce business?

There are a number of ways branding can help you stand tall over your competitors. To understand the importance of graphic design for your eCommerce site... Read more   →
10 December 2019

55 days since we launched SyncSpider on Pitchground

Only 55 days have passed since SyncSpider was launched on PithcGround on October 14th. And first of all, we would like to thank you all for being here with... Read more   →
21 February 2019

Connecting your online shop with an ERP and CRM into one system

To run a successful e-commerce business takes more than just building an online shop, and listing your products. Tools like CRM and ERP will help you out,... Read more   →