SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion

eCommerce integration program for ERP software vendors

Connect your ERP with the apps your customers use daily

Increase customer retention and close more sales from clients that want your ERP to integrate with other tools.

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Attract customers that are using other tools in our catalog.

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Close prospects that need your ERP to connect with the top tools in eCommerce.

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Make your ERP an essential part of how your customers’ businesses operate.

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Although there are different scopes of integrations with individual requirements the implementation-time is shorter and works great.

Franz Einfinger, Globe Manager

SyncSpider connects your ERP to all the top eCommerce apps

Give your ERP a competitive edge

Turn your ERP into an eCommerce powerhouse. Once your customers automate their workflows through your ERP, they’ll never want to leave.

Make your ERP center stage

Motivate your customers to enter every detail of their businesses into the ERP. Make your ERP the smart brain of their operation by simplifying how they send data from and to your software.

Save money and time on devs

SyncSpider is your single connection point to all the apps in our eCommerce catalog. You don’t need to develop and maintain plugins or APIs for each tool you want to integrate with, any more.

Create a fast, reliable experience for your customers

Instead of overloading your software with plugins, SyncSpider works as your single integration point. Connect to all the tools your clients need and keep your ERP working blazing fast.

Connect your ERP to anything Shopify Magento WooCommerce Mailchimp Stripe
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Tasks your clients can automate with SyncSpider

Expand offline sales to online marketplaces
Feed local ERP data to online sales channels
Consolidate analytics from multiple channels into a single dashboard
Keep inventory in sync across all sales channels
Consolidate orders from multiple channels into their ERP
Trigger marketing campaigns after users perform certain actions

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Add New Procurement Order from Gmail to odoo



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Add New Lead from Sendinblue to SwellEnterprise



Add New Contact from LionDesk to SwellEnterprise

Instead of adding product by product to WooCommerce, we used SyncSpider’s powerful tools. The project was ready before the deadline.

Patrizia Faschang, Founder


We can easily sync our products, prices and stocks from our local ERP software to our webshop. Goods and attributes are frequently changing, so a flexible solution was an obligation. SyncSpider gives us exactly that flexibility.

Kurt Hörtenhuber, Author and Publisher


Although there are different scopes of integrations with individual requirements the implementation-time is shorter and works great.

Franz Einfinger, Head of Sales

Globe Manager

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