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About SyncSpider’s
eCom Ops Podcast

Welcome to SyncSpider’s eCom Ops Podcast, a beacon for eCommerce entrepreneurs navigating the complex world of online retail. Launched in May 2020, our weekly podcast provides a community where your struggles are recognized and addressed.

Successful industry experts share valuable insights from marketing tips to web-store design best practices and practical strategies each week to help you avoid common pitfalls and grow your eCommerce business.

About eCom Ops Podcast: Successful industry experts share valuable insights from marketing tips to web-store design best practices and practical strategies each week

The eCom Ops Podcast Facts

Delve into the robust journey of SyncSpider’s eCom Ops Podcast with these key highlights. We’ve cultivated a rich tapestry of knowledge, insights, and expert opinions that resonate with a rapidly growing audience.
Embrace the opportunity to be part of this engaging community. Listen, learn, and grow with SyncSpider’s eCom Ops Podcast.

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Meet Our Host: Norbert Strappler

A self-made entrepreneur, Norbert Strappler, founder and CEO of SyncSpider and Monobunt, has built a stellar reputation through the success of his tech ventures.


Known for his innovative thinking and knack for identifying and responding to market trends, Norbert embodies the spirit of modern entrepreneurship. 


As the eCom Ops Podcast host, he leverages his deep industry knowledge and inherent curiosity to engage leading voices in the eCommerce industry, ensuring the podcast serves as a powerhouse of insights and experiences.
His unrelenting desire to learn and share knowledge makes Norbert, and consequently the eCom Ops Podcast, a beacon for anyone serious about thriving in the world of eCommerce.

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