Multi Channel Inventory Sync & Management

Auto-sync products and orders across all your eCommerce channels

Easily set up product feeds that deliver relevant, accurate and complete product data anywhere you need to.

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Trusted by eCommerce retailers and agencies

We can easily sync our products, prices and stocks from our local ERP software to our webshop. Goods and attributes are frequently changing, so a flexible solution was an obligation. SyncSpider gives us exactly that flexibility.

Kurt Hörtenhuber, Author and Publisher


Here’s what you can do with file importing/exporting

Map and create categories for your products

Get products the exact way you want them, on automation. Sometimes simple data transfer just doesn’t cut it. SyncSpider offers you a completely automated experience by enabling you to enlist your products in their respective categories.

Create product variations on the fly

Specify the exact details of each and every product you migrate such as quantity, price, weight, size, color, width, length, or any other custom attribute you use in your stores.

Feed all your product suppliers into multiple channels at once

Manage and keep track of all of your suppliers across all of your stores. If you ever worked with multiple suppliers, you know what a chore it can be to stay on top of things without excessive micromanagement. Stop going from spreadsheet to spreadsheet and use SyncSpider as a single point of truth.

Map out CSV, TXT, XLS or JSON files

Turn disjointed supplier feeds into accurate files. Regardless of the file format delivered to you, always have them prepared and available as per your requirements.

Match fields even when using different naming conventions

Map and match your data anyway you want. SyncSpider can create new categories from your files, map different categories together and even match data with different naming conventions (i.e. your file lists ROUGE under color, but your shop uses RED).

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Free Forever (basic functions) + 14 days free trial with all features

File importing and exporting features

Convert files to your preferred format and push to your inventory
Automate recurring files from suppliers, partners or shipping centers
Create product feeds that match any platform requirements
Import/export from your FTP or use our Filestorage system
Pull data from your local files — no need for uploads and downloads
Combine fields, concatenate fields, do calculations, or create collections on the fly
Import images from URL or FTP by Filename — extend filenames with pre or suffix
Export feeds from your local files, or via URL, FTP, and our Filestorage

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Trusted by retailers and agencies

Instead of adding product by product to WooCommerce, we used SyncSpider’s powerful tools. The project was ready before the deadline.

Patrizia Faschang, Founder


We use SyncSpider to export invoices from our webshop to have all the data we need in our accounting software. This saves us a lot of time — daily.

Daniel Winklmayr, Head of Product


Although there are different scopes of integrations with individual requirements the implementation-time is shorter and works great.

Franz Einfinger, Head of Sales

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