SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion


08 October 2021

Which Marketing Channels Drive Sales for eCommerce?

Good news! You just made a sale on your eCommerce site. It’s exciting when revenue comes in, but once the excitement dies down, you probably have some... Read more   →
How to Get the Most Out of a Conference The Complete Guide
05 October 2021

How to Get the Most Out of a Conference

Why are conferences important? The reasons are several. It is a conference where you get the chance to meet visionaries in your field, thought leaders who... Read more   →
01 October 2021

How to Provide a Better Client Experience With Content Marketing for Your E-commerce Business

Content marketing has genuinely transformed how businesses interact with their present and potential customers. They no longer require the constant push of... Read more   →
24 September 2021

SyncSpider Named Category Leader for Integration Software

The world has changed for everyone in the past year or two – including e-commerce businesses. Many companies had to pivot and adapt to the new policies... Read more   →
email automation
31 August 2021

Can email automation help your e-commerce store?

In 2020 the world crashed and turned into email marketing for more significant revenues. The email marketing system Smaily saw an increase of roughly 100... Read more   →
What Is eCommerce Automation? Learn How to Grow Your Business in 2021
23 July 2021

What Is eCommerce Automation? Learn How to Grow Your Business in 2021

If you want to improve your business, you need to learn what eCommerce automation is. By automating your business, you will be able to save both your own and... Read more   →
17 July 2020

Release notes, Week 27

This week we have added 8 new integration modules:  SendFox, Asana, SendGrid, Sendingblue, ClearOut, GrowSurf, Automizy, ClickSend !!! Read more   →
10 July 2020

Release notes, Week 25 & 26

Hi everyone, another great week behind us! The past week we stayed busy and worked on bringing you another two modules for Car4you and Autoscout24 as well... Read more   →
19 June 2020

Release notes, week 24

Hello everyone, today we have another integration for you! Today we are releasing another module for the Dragdropr Instantshop e-commerce platform with the... Read more   →
27 May 2020

Release notes, Week 21

Hello everyone, we got some more great improvements to share with you today! We have done some improvements to the Google Drive, ITscope and Shopify... Read more   →
03 April 2020

Release notes, Week 11, 12 & 13

QuickBooks & Platform are live! And NO, it did not take us 3 weeks to just develop QuickBooks – lot more has been done ???? Keep reading please! ... Read more   →
10 March 2020

Release notes, Week 9

The past week in SyncSpider was all about our core Improvements, extending the functionality of our existing module, and improving the UI/UX. Next to that,... Read more   →
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