The Secret Weapon for E-commerce Success with Jason Friedman

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The Secret Weapon for E-commerce Success with Jason Friedman, CEO of CXFormula - eCom Ops Podcast

Welcome to the SyncSpider’s Ecom Ops Podcast! We’re delighted to welcome Jason Friedman from CXFormula in this exciting episode. Jason is a master at unlocking the hidden potential within businesses, especially in the e-commerce sector. Guess what? You already possess this powerful secret weapon. Want to find out how simple and boring could be  the key to success? Ready to find out how? Let’s dive in!


Jason Friedman‘s journey from a theater nerd to a serial entrepreneur is a testament to his diverse talents and innovative approach to business. With a deep-rooted passion for coaching and championing entrepreneurs, Jason has dedicated his career to guiding others in growing and scaling their businesses. His unique approach, which involves applying principles from show business to every business, has proven effective worldwide across various industries, both online and offline.

Jason’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by significant achievements, including founding, scaling, and successfully exiting five businesses in sectors as varied as medical diagnostics, marketing and events, automotive, spirits, and digital media software. His current roles as CEO of CXFormula and Spotlight Brand Services showcase his ongoing commitment to entrepreneurial growth. Under his leadership, these companies have flourished, with CXFormula achieving remarkable growth and recognition, including being named Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for business services in 2009 and making the Inc. 5000 list for three consecutive years.

CXFormula stands at the intersection of psychology, theater, business, and marketing, leveraging decades of theater experience combined with storytelling and human behavior science. This unique blend has enabled the company to create a commanding presence in the business world, much like a captivating performance that earns and holds the audience’s attention. The Kinetic Customer Formula, part art and part science, actively engages customers, transforming them into effective marketing assets and a powerful salesforce. This approach has led to massive engagement and incredible growth for businesses across various sectors.

CXFormula’s success is evident in its impressive track record, having sold over $200 million in products and services, and in its partnerships with Fortune 100 companies, universities, healthcare institutions, and entertainment giants. The company’s obsession with customer success is reflected in its programs, courses, workshops, and coaching, all focused on transforming the customer journey into the primary product. This drives organic growth, brand loyalty, and the creation of superfans, offering businesses a unique opportunity to scale through the Kinetic Customer Formula Online Program or 3-Day Live Intensive Workshops.

The Key Takeaways

Meet Jason, an Entrepreneur of Multiple Successful Businesses:

Jason Friedman’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to found and successfully exited multiple businesses across diverse industries. His journey is a testament to his versatility and innovative approach, making him a seasoned guide for any entrepreneur looking to scale their business.

What is the Typical Customer?

Any business with customers falls into their purview. Understanding the customer, regardless of the business size or industry, is key to unlocking growth and success.

What do Theater and E-commerce Have in Common?:

Drawing from his background in theater, Jason applies the principles of audience engagement and storytelling to e-commerce. He sees a direct correlation between a well-crafted show and a successful customer journey, where every interaction is a scene contributing to the overall experience.

What Script Does Your eCommerce Business Need?:

Jason introduces the concept of the ‘ideal customer script,’ a tool for envisioning the perfect customer experience. He encourages businesses to script the journey they want their customers to have, from initial contact to post-purchase, ensuring a memorable and positive experience.

Customer Journey – From Its First Step

The customer journey begins long before the first purchase. Jason stresses the importance of understanding the customer’s initial motivations and needs, tailoring the business approach to meet them at every step of their journey.

Try Walking in the Customer’s Shoes

A deep understanding of the customer’s perspective is crucial. By putting oneself in the customer’s shoes, businesses can identify potential friction points and opportunities for enhancement in the customer experience.

Customer Support vs Customer Advocacy

Moving beyond traditional customer support, Jason suggests a shift towards customer advocacy. This approach involves proactive engagement and support, transforming customer interactions into opportunities for building loyalty and advocacy.

1 out of 26 Complaints – The Rest Keep Silence

A startling statistic: for every customer who complains, 26 remain silent. Jason uses this to underline the importance of addressing every piece of feedback, as it likely represents a broader segment of the customer base.

How to Flip the Funnel?

Our guest challenges the traditional sales funnel model, advocating a flipped approach that focuses more on nurturing existing customers rather than solely acquiring new ones. This strategy leads to higher retention and customer satisfaction.

Complex Products – Different or Same Approach?

For complex products, Jason suggests a tailored approach to customer support and engagement. Understanding the unique challenges and needs of customers dealing with complex products is crucial for providing effective support and guidance.

Steps to Truly Understand Your Customers

Find out the practical steps for businesses to deeply understand their customers. This involves engaging in conversations, analyzing feedback, and using data-driven insights to shape the customer experience.

How to Write the Ideal Customer Script

Jason elaborates on crafting the ideal customer script, a narrative that outlines the desired customer journey and experience. This script serves as a roadmap for businesses to design each touchpoint in the customer’s journey.

What Should You Do Immediately?:

E-commerce businesses should focus immediately on understanding their customer’s needs and expectations. Quick, actionable steps in enhancing the customer experience can lead to immediate improvements in customer satisfaction and business growth.

The Secrets of Successful Onboarding

Onboarding is crucial for customer retention and satisfaction. The secrets for successful onboarding are clarity, simplicity, and providing value from the first interaction.

The Biggest No-Nos for eCommerce Businesses

Jason points out the major pitfalls e-commerce businesses should avoid, including neglecting customer feedback, underestimating the importance of the customer journey, and overcomplicating the buying process.

Boring is Beautiful, Embrace That

In a counterintuitive take, Jason suggests that simplicity and clarity in business processes are more effective than complexity. He advocates for ‘boring’ yet efficient systems that enhance the customer experience.

From $30,000 to 1 Million $$$ a Month

Hear a success story about a business that skyrocketed its monthly sales from $30,000 to over a million dollars by focusing on customer experience and applying the strategies he advocates.

Unique Challenges Amazon Brands Face

Navigating the Amazon marketplace comes with unique challenges. Jason discusses these specific hurdles and offers strategies for Amazon brands to stand out and succeed in this competitive space.

Learning from the Titans of E-commerce

While running their Amazon business, Jason learned the most about eCommerce from his partners, Dan Meadows and Dylan Frost.


Join us in this episode for a journey through the multifaceted world of e-commerce. Each segment unfolds secrets and strategies for success. From customer experience innovations to practical e-commerce tips, these insights can transform your approach to your online business.

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The No.1 eCom Operations hack

Flip the funnel! We spend all of our money on advertising and marketing to get strangers to say yes to buying something. Once they say yes, we say, awesome, let me find some more strangers. We don’t spend time with the people that said yes.”

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