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Building No-Code, Mobile Shopify Landing Pages on the Go with Bob Braham, CEO of Famous

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Bob Braham, CEO of Famous, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to share the secret to building no-code mobile Shopify landing pages, the significance of developing an interactive UI/UX for customer experience, and how to leverage social platforms to convert traffic into shoppers. Check out the other episodes here.

Key Facts

  • Bob’s LinkedIn
  • Famous website
  • Famous provides optimization for mobile, integration with videos, and 100% customizable designs to fit your brand image 
  • Famous has a 35%+ visitors to shoppers conversion ratio 
  • With Famous’s pre-defined templates, you can design from scratch

Key takeaways:

  • Bob’s vision is to help eCom merchants improve shoppers journey and experience 
  • Bob believes that a well-planned and eye-catching shopper journey turns in sales productivity
  • Famous is partnered with Shopify, which is widely considered one of the best eCom platforms 
  • Bob’s past experience of working with several eCom brands have aided him in the process of designing different models that can help brands to convert visitors into shoppers 
  • Famous does not follow a fixed pricing strategy but focuses on offering competitive market prices based on extensive market research 
  • Famous has a concise team of experts from different backgrounds
  • Famous believes in diversity and kindness
    • Diversity: Famous’s team consists of a 55%-45% (female-male) employee ratio
    • Kindness: Bob believes that ever changing policies impact employees’ psychological state. Therefore he likes to engage employees before making any major decision on company policies. 
  • Bob shares the significance of social media platforms in converting traffic into potential customers and shoppers. Instagram and Facebook have a lot of potential if we use them strategically  to drive traffic towards our website
  • Bob shares that traffic generated from social media for websites generate more direct subscriptions
  • Famous generates about 35% additional sales from strategic social media placements and campaigns 
  • Bob shares that customers go for impulse buying. Therefore, eCommerce stores should offer an integrated platform and designs so that customers can connect with the product
  • Famous engages professional design companies to work with their loyal and premium customers. It helps Famous to understand how they can offer more attractive designs to gauge shoppers attention 
  • Famous’s core team is based in San Francisco, but during COVID-19, most of the teams shifted to remote work 
  • In the next five years, Famous plans to offer further integration with leading eCommerce players like Shopify, BigCommerce etc. and to initiate social commerce through integrating apps like Facebook and Instagram into Famous’s interface

Bob’s biggest influence

  • John Gleman – Taco Bell. Bob shared that John has taught him a lot about business and has polished his leadership skills. 

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