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Testing Paid eCom Campaigns with Chase Clymer, Co-Founder of Electric Eye Agency

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Chase Clymer, Co-Founder of the Electric Eye Agency and the host of Honest Ecommerce Podcast, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to share tips on how to utilize eCom platforms such as Shopify to increase your business’ salability, the significance of testing campaigns before investing, and how content and influencer marketing can be profitable for the brand and eCommerce stores.

Key Facts

  • Chase’s LinkedIn
  • Electric Eye Agency website
  • Chase is the host of Honest Ecommerce Podcast 
  • Electric Eye is a digital marketing and advertising agency  
  • Electric Eye Agency helps eCommerce businesses improve their sales and ROI 
  • Electric Eye Agency integrates the scalable formats into eCom to enhance business growth 
  • Electric Eye Agency gathers pre-launch product feedback
  • The Electric Eye Agency team consists of Shopify experts that provide strategic services to improve the salability
  • Electric Eye Agency works specifically with eCom brands that use the Shopify platform

Key Takeaways

  • Electric Eye Agency designs Shopify-powered sales and marketing campaigns 
  • Chase credits his team for Electric Eye Agency’s success 
  • Chase shares that Facebook and Instagram can trigger bigger sales for eCom stores provided that the business is already active on such social platforms. “For the gasoline to spread the fire, there needs to be a fire in the first place, says Chase 
  • Electric Eye Agency provides eCommerce players with a strategy that places their brand in front of the customer, which ultimately helps in sales growth 
  • Chase believes that before launching any product, it is crucial to run a test campaign to understand the consumer’s response. He further shared the steps to run a test campaign; 
    1. Digitize the product
    2. Make it accessible to the public
    3. Involve influencers and priority customers to test the product 
  • Electric Eye Agency helps you with;
    1. Content production 
    2. Campaign and product design in line with market trends 
    3. Promoting your brand to end-consumers  
    4. Customized solutions for each product
    5. An improved Shopify store
  • Electric Eye Agency designs influencers, affiliate, social media and digital campaigns for promoting the brands
  • Chase believes that automation is key to eCommerce operations and sales growth. Electric Eye Agency recently integrated Shopify with Zoom  
  • The next year’s goal for Electric Eye Agency is to develop a Shopify app that will allow customers to showcase their products. It will also make the shopping experience more seamless 
  • Chase believes in diversifying the product by making it available on different platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, etc.

Chase’s biggest influences

  • Curt Alliston – Chase’s mentor and friend

Chase’s no.1 eCom hack

  • Automate your eCommerce store 
  • Create a diverse online presence 
  • Create user-friendly UI/UX

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