Success Factor of Amazon eCommerce Sellers with Nater Youngchild, Founder and CEO of D8a Driven

Nater Youngchild, Founder and CEO at D8a Driven, joins The eCom Ops Podcast to discuss the success factors of Amazon eCommerce sellers, the significance of data handling and storage, and tailored resource pack for optimising eCom results.

Key Facts

  • Nater’s LinkedIn
  • Nater is an entrepreneur, adventurer, writer and much more 
  • D8a Driven website 
  • D8a Driven is the ultimate automation solution for Amazon sellers, business owners,  and entrepreneurs
  • D8a Driven offers tailored tools and software required for eCom growth 
  • Nater holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Economics, Law, and Politics from the University of Washington
  • Nater is the author of the article ‘Three best things to do in your career and life!’, which addresses his thoughts of how to live a successful and balanced life that is career-oriented and meaningful at the same time


Key Takeaways

  • [01:26-02:16] Nater has served as Business Development Manager, Category Operations Manager, Brand Manager for Amazon, and with all the experience on how to inject excellence to eCommerce sellers selling on Amazon, Nater created D8a Driven
  • Through D8a Driven, Nater aims to help eCommerce owners with data storage, analysis, and transformation of that data into result driving variables that ultimately aids eCommerce growth and profits
  • D8a driven targets to help eCommerce businesses at Amazon to grow their businesses exponentially through automation and software integration
  • D8a Driven uses a deep-data-dive approach, where the data is stored, analysed, and processed for upbeat strategy creation. Consequently, the data-driven strategy helps eCommerce owners with sales, operations, marketing, advertising, branding, and pricing planning to ensure exponential growth
  • Nater started his journey from a delivery service, a logistics facility, where Nater and his friends started delivering products themselves at low cost. In a short time, it became evident that delivering individual products at such a low cost wasn’t going to work out for them
  • Luckily, the team explored a highly-expensive grocery store Vashon Island that caters to ten thousand residents. Tapping into the opportunity that the residents had to travel a lot to buy groceries, they started Vashon Delivery services
  • [04:13-06:30] In 2012, Nater and his team delivery planning team was called upon by a local news channel to present their business model and how it related to Amazon fresh
  • The show got Vashon delivery over 4000 customers over a weekend and  turned out to be the tipping point for Nater and his team
  • [09:24-09:36] Nater later joined Amazon to learn more about eCom operations from the best in the market
  • From 2021 to 2023, Nater worked as a Brand Manager and Category Operations Manager in Amazon and learned more about best-performing categories and otherwise based on facts and data analytics. He further explored the factors that aid in improving business sales
  • Finally, in 2019, Nater led the foundation to D8a Driven, where he currently serves as a CEO fueling eCommerce businesses with substantial and consistent growth strategies


Nater’s No.1 eCom Ops hack

“Focus not only on the data analysis but try to drive data-based solutions and strategy” 




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