How To Improve Your Shipping Process with Marcia Wiggins of Cape Whoopies

Marcia Wiggins, the Founder and CEO of Cape Whoopies jumped onto The eCom Ops Podcast and shared her journey towards excelling in eCommerce with limited knowledge, how she manages her online and physical orders and her go-to eCommerce stack. Check out all the other episode here.

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  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Goldbelly

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Key Takeaways:

Marcia’s journey into eCommerce – an overview of Cape Whoopies

Cape Whoopies is a US-based business dedicated to selling ‘whoopie pies’. These delicacies are two cakes with a creamy filling in between – a venture Marcia decided to start to satisfy her love for cooking and creativity. 

Marcia built her company through eCommerce as it was the best strategy to get their name in front of the right audience. Gradually, the brand gained popularity and today – they have over 80 flavour combinations at various online and brick and mortar retailers.

Why Shopify is Marcia’s best eCom stack?

Marcia admits that she has no formal training in computers, digital marketing, and eCommerce. She grew up at a different time when computers were not a staple part of life. 

However, she found Shopify to be the most accessible platform to handle and without any background in computers – she managed to create a fully functional website on Shopify within six days. 

She mentioned that Shopify has also helped her through numerous technical difficulties. Whenever she encounters any glitch on the website – she immediately follows up with the Shopify community who are there to help her out.

Marcia’s experience with other eCom stacks?

Besides Shopify, Marcia has stores set up in both – Amazon and Goldbelly. Marcia says that Goldbellyis its biggest customer, with almost 70% of its sales coming from the food gift service. 

Marcia says the experience has been fantastic. She also adds that receiving the orders, tracking, and processing through the digital medium is relatively simple – and hassle-free. 

What is the shipping process for Cape Whoopies?

Cape Whoopies ship orders through FedEx. However, they have a subsidiary company that manages all their shipping orders – and leave them with free time to create more delicious goodies. 

What about physical orders?

Cape Whoopies shares building space with Rwanda Bean, a coffee shop. However, Marcia’s team of 6 staff produce the whoopie pies while the coffee shop sells them through their dine-in area. 

Where does Marcia see herself and Cape Whoopies in 12 months?

Marcia plans to expand and divide the team into three parts: operations, productions, and shipment to streamline the processes further. The members of the team would be cross-trained so they can jump back and forth between the roles to lend a hand when needed. 

She also hopes to start shipment internationally so others across the globe can get a taste of the delicious whoopie pies. 

Marcia’s biggest influence:

Marcia believes in the protocol of ‘learn it by self’ or ‘reach out to ask for help.’ And through this motto in life, she has managed to build up her reputation as one of the finest whoopie pie makers in the USA. Her advice to others is just to take one step at a time, solve the problem then move forward!

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