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Defining Operational Strategy for an Interactive eCommerce Marketplaces with Saksham Sharda of Outgrow

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Saksham Sharda, Creative Director at Outgrow, jumped onto the eCom Ops Podcast to share the importance of interactive eCommerce marketplaces for increased conversion rates and social share rates, how can you master your eCommerce website without any coding knowledge and how COVID-19 has changed eCommerce dynamics. 

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Key Facts

  • Saksham’s LinkedIn
  • Outgrow website
  • OutGrow is a no-code tool
  • OutGrow is G2 crowd market leader of no code industry for three years
  • OutGrow is the number 1 B2B company in New York
  • OutGrow serves 21 different industries
  • OutGrow clients have a 29% increase in conversion rates
  • OutGrow clients have a 25% increase in social share rates
  • OutGrow clients experience a 45% decrease in bounce rates
  • OutGrow gets traffic from USA, Germany, France, and Latin America
  • In 2020, OutGrow was a finalist in a COVID-19 solutions hackathon. Where they presented interactive menu templates for restaurant delivery

Key Takeaways

  • As the creative director of OutGrow, Saksham ensures different departments and clients are constantly coming up with new ideas
  • With OutGrow you can: 
    • Create interactive content (contests, giveaways, chatbots, eCommerce recommendations, assessments, polls, etc.)
    • Know your audience better (through surveys, calculators, or estimators)
    • Track return on investment through the analysis feature
  • You can have a call to action button on result pages to make your content interactive and engaging for the customers. Call to action buttons can lead the customer to subscribe to your newsletter or updates or simply fill out a form containing their details. This will help you in following up with the leads through email or phone calls
  • In the information age, eCommerce marketplaces lack the element of sales assistance. Targeting this pain point, Outgrow offers eComs owners the recommendation through interactive quizzes that can be embedded on your eCom website. The result of these quizzes suggest  game-changing products from the large selection of products
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has provided eCommerce with an advantage over physical retail stores and suppliers by saving people from choice paralysis and decision fatigue
  • eCommerce recommendations add a human sales assistant feel in the online shopping experience and journey of the customers. This process results in the data collection for the eCom owners that can further be utilized to enhance the customer journey and shopping experience
  • Outgrow offers a section of premade templates that take less than 30 minutes to adapt and sync to your website. The premade templates option provides you with the liberty to change your branding, change the logo colours, import your products, etc. 
  • Giveaways play a crucial role in customer engagement for any industry; hence they are quite beneficial. It helps you think out of the box and be creative in approaching and reaching out to your loyal and potential customers
  • OutGrow plans to enter the European market while complying with the new GDPR law

Saksham’s biggest influences

Saksham’s biggest influence is his clients from the 21 different industries.

No.1 operation’s hack

Skasham’s operations hacks are:

  • Keep it simple; hence Outgrow is a no-coding tool

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