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What Is eCommerce Automation? Learn How to Grow Your Business in 2021

If you want to improve your business, you need to learn what eCommerce automation is. By automating your business, you will be able to save both your own and your customers’ time.

Spending too much time on insignificant and unimportant tasks? In this article, you will learn how to change that.

Every day, menial tasks take up our time and focus away from our main job, especially in the business.

In every aspect of eCommerce, we can automate something and get down to business quicker. Let’s see together later what tasks we can automate in eCommerce.

A lot of people are forced to do various, cumbersome tasks and waste time on them, which is why most businesses fail and people give up quickly.

To stand out from the competition and set yourself apart, you need to automate your eCommerce business.

Maybe it’s even better if you don’t know anything about automation. Here you’ll learn everything you need, step by step.

What Is eCommerce Automation?

Simply put, eCommerce automation is the use of software that saves time and money for someone who wants to scale their business.

If we want to scale a business without automation, we would have to hire more people which would cost us more money. For almost every aspect of the eCom business, there is software that does the job for us at minimal cost, and with time savings.

Your customers do not have to wait for you to send them a personal email if the product has been sent, where it is located, etc.

Most importantly, the customer is more satisfied and that is the prime thing in your business.

Automating your business will help you increase sales and control data simply and easily. Do you think eCommerce giants like Amazon and Walmart could make much money without automation? That is simply impossible.

As you have concluded, automation is necessary if you are thinking seriously about a  business.

And if you want to automate your business in the best way, don’t forgetSyncSpider.

Now you are probably thinking: How and what to automate in my eCom business?

The answer follows exactly below.

How Can You Automate Your eCom Business?

Let’s take a look at how to automate our business in 4 simple steps. This can apply to anyone, no matter if your business is already big or you just want to scale it.

1. Think and decide what to automate

The first and foremost is to see which tasks are suitable for automation.

And suitable jobs for something like this are repetitive, time-consuming ones, that require the processing of a large amount of data.

This can be sending a number of emails or tracking shipments.

I’ll explain later what you should automate in eCommerce.

2. Find the right tool

Once you’ve determined what you’re going to automate, it’s time to do it right.

And you will do it using the right tools.

It would be best to look at what each tool has to offer, its pros and cons, and decide on one that will improve your business.

SyncSpider will help you find the right software and automate your business and data faster than ever.

3. Learn all about automation you need to take your business to the next level

Once you’ve found your favorite automation software, it’s time to learn how to use it.

The best way is to look at those who are already experienced with it, but of course also to practice what you have learned.

Because practice makes perfect!.

4. Try to automate the task and enjoy the results

Make arrangements with your team to utilize the knowledge and automate part of the job you want properly.

You will be amazed at the results.

Now, let’s take a look at what automation is good for and where it is not to be used.

Pros And Cons of eCommerce Automation

Let’s start with the benefits of automation.

1. Automation saves time

Of course, we automate mostly those repetitive tasks.

This saves time and we can focus on more important and productive tasks, for instance, big campaigns, launching new products and stuff like that.

2. eCommerce Automation will reduce costs

You will do more and better with less. The software you pay for on a monthly or annual basis will help you.

You won’t have to pay several individual salaries, instead, you will have most things packed into a couple of pieces of software.

3. Better customer experience

For example, if you automate email campaigns based on what a potential customer visits or does on your site, they’ll see that you know what they want and are more likely to come back later.

4. Easier and punctual deliveries

It is possible that the delivery ended up in the wrong place or was not even sent.

By automating shipments results are much better because the data is entered accurately and sent directly to the address, without human intervention.

Without automation, one would have to look at every order and send it to each customer, which creates more errors.

Let’s now move on to some of the disadvantages of eCommerce automation.

1. eCommerce automation must be planned in advance

I’ve previously explained how to actually find out what needs to be automated in your business, so if you’ve skipped this part, go back to that section first.

Once you’ve done it, you need to carefully and precisely plan and decide how the automation process will work for you, whether you plan it alone or with a team.

Although automation is very useful in eCommerce, it can also be a hindrance to your business if you don’t follow the steps.

2. Hard learning in the beginning

A new environment means new things. Well, you have to adapt to such a new work environment – the software.

Of course, if you want to save on effort and time, there is always someone who is already an expert at it and whom you can pay to teach you.

3. Automation will not save you from a bad offer

You can have the most expensive tools and automate everything you need, but if your marketing, product, and overall offer are bad, automation will not help you.

To see how to be as efficient as possible and know exactly what needs automation, I have some more information for you below.

What Should You Automate In Your eCom Business?

There are many tasks you can automate in eCommerce, but I will single out the most important ones, the ones you have to automate if you want your business to grow.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is one of the most profitable forms of marketing. It is used more and more in every industry because it has great profit potential.

There are several things you can automate when it comes to email marketing. And those are abandoned carts, emails based on what the customer visits on the site, etc.

It is very important you know how to bring more people to your email list and how to keep them there so I will come back to this later.

Inventory & Order Automation

Imagine having to manually review each order and send it to the warehouse so they can send it to the customer’s address.

It takes hours and you would need a whole team of people for something like that.

When you automate this part of the job and the customer orders the product, data is immediately sent to your warehouse so the order reaches the customer as soon as possible.

And the sooner the product reaches the customer, the more satisfied the customer is and thus your business progresses.

Furthermore, if stocks run out, customers will be notified because you have automated it in advance and determined the amount of stock.

Social Media Automation

People around the world have started researching products on social networks more and more. This means you should be releasing more and more content that interests your audience and customers.

There are plenty of tools you can use to automate this. You can make a post and set it to come out whenever you want.

Customer Support Automation

Anyone who strives to improve the customer experience will have sales and grow a business.

We must respond to negative reviews and solve the problem the customer has. It is also important we assist the customer as soon as possible if he has any doubts or questions.

We will do this by putting live chats on our site.

By giving discounts to loyal and regular customers, we keep them with us.

As I said, it is important to monitor what the customer visits in our store and therefore offer and suggest products. Offering upsells is also a good way to improve the customer experience.

Always thank the customer by email for the purchase, you can also put a discount code in that email for their next purchase.

Grow Your Business With eCommerce Automation Even More

Now we’ve seen the most important things for eCommerce business automation, let’s see what more we can do to have a positive effect and even greater success.

Write Blog Posts and Newsletters

Most people today neglect to publish blog posts that would be useful to the audience. If you don’t explain how your product or service works, no one will probably buy it.

By writing a blog, you can make a sale without any investment. If you write quality content and optimize it for the search engine, people will come to your site and read what you have written.

And then, if they like your content and if you’ve helped them, chances are they’ll buy something from you to benefit even more.

If you don’t have time to write for your blog, you can hire someone else to do it. You can even get a text from artificial intelligence just by typing in which topic you need and you’ll get unique content. Of course, this cannot be compared to man’s way of thinking.

It’s the same thing with newsletters, you send useful content to those on the list and later offer them your service or product.

Grow Your Email List

You don’t want to stop growing your email list.

You may lose your store, FB ad manager, and think everything has failed, but there is the email list you still have and to which you can still send emails.

Offer a discount, an ebook that will teach them something, or some other value in return for their email.

As soon as they sign up for your list, thank them. Do not send products and promotions immediately, but in the first few emails meet your customer, find out what they want, what problems they have, give some value, etc.

You will see how your earnings via email are slowly coming, how your list is growing, and thus the whole business.

Sell All Over the World

Don’t limit yourself to just your country or state. Test as much as possible, the easiest way to do this is through FB ads.

You will be amazed at how many people are interested in your product around the world. Of course, you will only do this if you have brought your business to that level, beginners do not have the budget for something like that.

If you want to sell in other countries, make sure delivery is as short as possible, product prices are in the currency of that country, or you even have special plugins for those countries where you do business the most.

Best Tools for eCommerce Automation

The best and most important tools for automating your eCommerce store can be integrated with the help ofSyncSpider.

MailChimp is one of the leaders in email marketing automation. Apart from emails, it is also used to create advertisements on social networks.

You can create a template yourself if you know how to code, and if you don’t already have ready-made templates for emails. Also, you can create custom landing pages.

It can be integrated with most leading eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. All in all, a very affordable and good tool will help you a lot.

Zendesk is a tool that helps you automate customer support. It will help you establish a good relationship with customers and help them as much as you can.

Customers will have a good experience with the help of Zendesk used by you for email or social media.

The advantage is you can see your customer history with you and you can establish artificial intelligence to help customers who have problems.

Infusionsoft is a platform where you will find most things in one place, so you don’t have to look for every other necessary tool.

It has over 200 tools that can be used to automate your store.

Here you can find tools for automation of overall marketing, sales, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), payment processors, email marketing, etc.

Odoo can help you with CRM, sales management, supply chain, inventory management, etc.

The Odoo inventory management system allows you to track orders, order return requests, warehouse quantity, etc.

It also has barcode scanning technology the customer can but does not have to use.

Shopify is the most famous and most used platform for creating an online store.

It is characterized by favorable prices and the simplicity it provides. In just a few hours you can set up your shop, even if you are a beginner.

Within Shopify, you can use their free applications, but also integrate other tools such as e.g. page builder, email marketing, etc.

HubSpot is a leader in the world of marketing automation.

With the help of HubSpot, you can automate everything you need in your business.

You can design pages for whatever you need, search for keywords, have better quality content, etc. And if something is not clear to you there is also 24/7 support that will help you with all the problems very quickly.

eCommerce Automation Statistics

I’m going to show you now some interesting statistics about automation, to see how important it is.

As you can see, the reasons are mostly related to ordering and shipping.

I explained to you how to automate and what tools to use, so if you haven’t already, get to work!


If you’ve come this far, you have a pretty clear picture of what eCommerce automation is, how to get started with it, and whether it’s worth it.

Automation is something that will be increasingly used in every type of business, not just eCommerce. Over time, business automation will be increasingly required, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of orders a day and your business is constantly growing.

You need to adapt quickly to changes in business and get new tools. It will be difficult in the beginning, but if you want to win in the long run, automation is there to save you time, but also your money.

Now, when you know what tools can help you, look back on the How to grow your eCommerce business: 48 Experts share their secrets

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