Release Notes, Week 97

Hello, hello, SyncSpiders!

Today’s news is related to money! Hehe, who doesn’t like to hear something about it… Okay, to be more precise, we talk about currencies. ???? ????????

According to Statista, globally, the most used currencies in 2021 were USD (40.51%) and EUR (36.65%). But despite the primate of these two currencies, it’s always more convenient to see the price in your own currency. 

That’s what SyncSpider’s improvement for last week is all about! ????????

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce that from now on, we have a new feature, Currency Switcher, that automatically switches currency for your pricing plan depending on your location. ????

Of course, you can always choose another currency on the top right part of your screen, but you need to know that you can set this only once, and after the payment, you cannot switch to another currency. 

For now, SyncSpider supports USD, EUR, and CHF.

Okay, besides that, we have some updates on Eventbrite, ITscope, WooCommerce, Google Calendar, Vbout, Check 24, Custom CSV, helloCash, and a list of SyncSpider core updates.


Eventbrite users can now retrieve organization information. 


For WooCommerce users, 

  • We improved the integration to pull the order information with the tax info, meaning they can sum taxes. 
  • We also fixed the bug related to date fields (Date Created and Date Modified) which were not showing up.
  • We fixed the time parsing bug related to date fields from the WooCommerce product entity not showing or exporting on the destination integration.

Google Calendar

We fixed the bug related to the Google Calendar Date time, causing an error message when there’s a time frame (starting and ending time).


For ITscope users, we fixed the bug with pulling images from ITscope.


Vbout users will be happy to know it’s functioning again on SyncSpider after we fixed the bug causing the message stating that the integration is no longer valid. 

Hello Cash

For helloCash users, we added a separate Change Article Stock Entity.

Custom CSV

Custom CSV users will notice an improvement in the column separator; the Other option is working as intended now.

App upgrades and fixes

And for SyncSpider core updates, we have these updates and improvements:

  • We fixed the bug causing issues with inviting particular organizations.
  • We fixed the bug causing the inability to set the task triggers and the error message “Error while updating task trigger.”
  • Fixed the bug regarding using Feed (URL) as the Storage type
  • Fixed the bug causing tasks missing from the task execution history
  • Fixed the bug related to the YYYY-MM-DD date format
  • Fixed several bugs related to the Date Manipulation Field
  • Fixed a bug with the auto time parsing error
  • We improved the App password validation.

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