Release Notes, Week 92

 Hi, there, SyncSpiders!

Here comes April! It’s almost one-quarter of the year spent! ⏳Is it promising for your business? 

If you missed some of the predictions for eCommerce trends in 2022, let us remind you that Shopify went out with 10 trends expected for this year. 

  1. Customers expect more – Yes, that’s something you’ll need to get used to. Your customers expect more, and you need to improve your business to meet their expectations. 
  2. Build a story for your brand, and you’ll build a connection with your customers. – The price is not the only front where you can beat your competitors. Try creating a story for your brand. Be unique and different, and show it to your audience. 
  3. Social media presence – We’ve been witnessing that multichannel sales are something you need to scale your business for several years. 
  4. Video Livestream events – It gives the feeling of shared experience. Your customers might not be there at that moment, but watching someone do the shopping is always beneficial. 
  5. Personalization – Knowing your potential customers is a precondition for success. How will you manage to create the right offer if you don’t know the habits of your prospectors? 
  6. How-to videos – Continue communication with your customers even after they finish shopping. Offer them more, and show them how to use your product. 
  7. Artificial intelligence – Play a bit with AI solutions. Surprise your customers, innovate, and change. 
  8. Group buying – Group buying is a discount for quantity. But with this option, several individual buyers are considered as one purchase. 
  9. Sustainability – The statistics show that customers will be more likely to buy products and services from businesses that have a clear commitment to sustainability
  10. On-time delivery – No one likes to wait, especially if they paid for the thing they’re waiting to show up on their doorstep. Be accurate with delivery time estimation. 

In order to ease your eCommerce journey, we constantly improve our platform and integrations. We’ve improved FreshDesk, FreshSales, and CS-Cart this week, and we have some new SyncSpider core updates!

Check them all out! 👇👇

Improved Integrations


  • FreshDesk and FreshSales users will notice that we have a new feature, automatic support totaling. No more broken tasks due to the lack of task run. Also, the Freshdesk is fixed that now two filters will not cancel each other.


For CS-Cart users, we’ve added an API campaign field.

App upgrades and fixes

And as for SyncSpider core updates, here’s the list of our weekly improvements:

  • We’ve improved the organization’s member page
  • Added a new filter option when exporting; you can filter only errors and warnings,
  • Improved conditional field
  • Fixed error while updating destination configuration
  • Fixed merge workflow bug
  • Fixed previewing values 
  • CSV FileWatcher Improved
  • Updated servers and worker server

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