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Release Notes, Week 70

Hi everyone! ????

Hope you enjoyed the weekend and found new inspiration to start the week on a high note.

Today, we have a new update ready for you focused on upgrades to a few popular integrations and SyncSpider core. Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Freshdesk, and PlentyMarkets received updates to their entities, logs, and workflows.

In addition, we’ve made some fixes and updates to the SyncSpider core such as modules config extractor, cookie bot styling, and download/clear routes for ExecutionSoftLog.

To see the whole list of changes, please check the usual table of contents below. ????

As always, we’re open to any feedback and suggestions from your side. ????

Until next time, we hope you have a great week ahead!

SyncSpider Team

New Integrations

 External API ( XML FEATURE)

SyncSpider now supports XML connection as a source. We will be working to add target support as well. If you need any other features, please request them here, and give us your comments on this functionality.


Airtable helps you create anything you can imagine.
It’s as simple as a spreadsheet and as powerful as a database. Use this module to List and Add records.

Fulfillment Center Arcen

At Fulfillment Center Arcen, online shops for the garden, terrace, and balcony products can completely outsource their packaging and logistics activities.
Use this module:
  • As a source: Shops, Carriers, Packages, Packing Slips, Orders
  • As target: Orders

Improved Integrations


  • Add WooCommerce dynamic map and creation of the attributes (d option to create and map dynamic attributes from collection)
  • Added WooCommerce tag for Order items


  • Updated Ticket entity added missing status and priority
  • Fixed tickets incremental import
  • Updated Freshdesk companies entity, and fixed problem with log


  • Updated flow to support login
  • Updated order exporter item repository hook, doExport item id resolver


  • Added Unset custom CSV collection item if the value is missing


  • Updated workflow variations array index


  • Added check for VariationSpecificName on eBay Export

App upgrades and fixes

SyncSpider Core updates

  • Changed download/clear routes for ExecutionSoftLog
  • Added Premium custom fields support, fields based on a specific team
  • Added custom fields resolvers from config file
  • Fixed TextToOptions rule bug, when editing text to options setting popup, no values were updated
  • Updated customer soft logger – External API
  • Added Translations for Collections to Options custom field
  • Updated module dynamic config – Public API
  • Updated GitLab YML file and documentation
  • Added SDK modules config extractor
  • Removed ng-scrollbars from project
  • Fixed cookiebot styling

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