Release Notes, Week 57

Hello everyone! 

The past week we stayed busy and worked on bringing you new integrations. Now we adding support for new awesome apps and platforms, welcome: Nimble, Boost Link, and Tribe. As always, we worked on improving Odoo, WooCommerce, Shopify, Intercom.

Like always, give us suggestions on what new integrations you think would be useful on our website.

Until next time, take care and have a wonderful weekend! 

SyncSpider team


Nimble combines your contacts, email, social, activities & follow-ups in one place, providing insights & organization for your business relationships.
Use this module:
  • As a source in SyncSpider Send Contacts, Company Users, Contact Notes

  • As a destination in SyncSpider, you can Add Contacts, Contact Notes, Tasks, Field Groups, Fields

Boost Link

With our Boost integration model, you’ll be able to Send new Contact data Boost upon API call when a new Contact is received.
Use this module:
  • As a source in SyncSpider Send Contacts

  • As a destination in SyncSpider, you can Add Contacts


Tribe is a cloud-based community platform that plugs into your marketing stack. Integrated with your social media, it helps amplify your business vibe.
Use this module:
  • As a source in SyncSpider Send Users, Groups, Group Members,  Topics, Posts,  Post Responses, Questions,  Answers for a Question, Comments

  • As a destination in SyncSpider, you can Add Users, Groups,  Members to a Group, Topics, Posts,  Comments to a Post, Questions,   Answers for a Question, Comments to a Question

Improvement – Changed


  • Add core filters
  • Add Product variation search Parent product by parent sku


  • Add required meta field when used as UID
  • Add Product and Order modified inc import
  • Rename Shop ID


  • Update app flow process


  • Move API token to config
  • Add sending events in bulk
  • Add Intercom SDK and Intercom API token to .env
  • Add IntercomService to handle

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