Release Notes, Week 143

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Release Notes 143

Hello, hello, SyncSpiders!


We’re thrilled to announce that SyncSpider has reached a remarkable milestone with over 6 million Task Runs completed by our users! A huge congratulations to all of you! For those unfamiliar, Task Runs are instances where SyncSpider executes a specific task to transfer data from point A to point B, such as sending Facebook leads to your CRM or updating inventory.

But wait, there’s more! We’re also delighted to introduce DataHub, our latest product addon, now accessible right from your SyncSpider dashboard. No need for a separate account—switch seamlessly between SyncSpider and DataHub using a single login.

All you have to do is to follow the procedure:
1. On your Dashboard, at the bottom left corner, press the cogwheel icon (right beside your profile icon)
dhub 1

2. It will take you to the next page, where you must click the Switch organization option at the bottom left corner.
dhub 2
3. You’ll come to the page where you’ll have SyncSpider and DataHub icons at the bottom left corner. By clicking on the DataHub icon, you will automatically be switched to your DataHub Dashboard.
dhub 3


So, what exactly is DataHub?

It’s a product addon designed to revolutionize how you manage your eCommerce business data. DataHub simplifies setting, importing, modifying, filtering, using, and exporting data as needed from inventory to orders, clients, suppliers, and shipping details. Plus, with SyncSpider’s DataHub, handling big data becomes a breeze! It collects information from all your eCommerce integrations and converts it for delivery in the appropriate format with the desired data points.

SyncSpider users can now unlock even greater efficiency and flexibility by utilizing DataHub’s centralized big data management capabilities. Perfect for businesses dealing with multiple integrations, various data formats, and in-depth analysis needs, DataHub offers a powerful data warehouse with endless possibilities.

Enrich, transform, and send your data wherever needed; systematize your data storage, create custom data warehouses, make changes as required, and effortlessly search, filter, and import/export data.

Say goodbye to relying solely on individual platforms and start leveraging the full potential of DataHub for all your data management needs!

And, of course, we have updates regarding our integrations and regular SyncSpider core updates. Last week we did some bug fixes and updated the following integrations: CS-Cart, Dokan, Zalando, eBay, and SyncSpider core update.


Improved integrations

CS Cart


For CS-Cart users, we resolved a bug causing issues with shipping information.

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We fixed an issue for products arriving as uncategorized for Dokan.

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We did regular updates for Zalando integration.

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For eBay users, we did some updates and fixed the issue with the product quantity.

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SyncSpider core updates

  • We fixed the issue with tasks being stopped due to inactivity.


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