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Connect Dokan with your favorite apps. Sync inventory and product data across all your sales channels, in real-time. Connect product feeds to your online platforms without lifting a finger.
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Bring entrepreneurship to your fingertips. Start creating your eCommerce brand with Dokan Multi-vendor Marketplace solution.

Here’s what you can do with Dokan and SyncSpider

Integrate Dokan with Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy or any other tool, app, software, platform, or marketplace you use.

With SyncSpider, you can easily export orders and products from Dokan and import orders, products, and order status from another source to Dokan!

Export from Dokan
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Import to Dokan
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Increase the number of vendors on your Dokan marketplace!

Dokan is a great tool, but SyncSpider makes it even better. SyncSpider helps you smooth out inconsistencies to deliver a great user experience for your vendors.
With our Integration Addon for Dokan, your vendors don’t need to go through an exhausting and time-consuming API connecting process for every integration they have.
We offer a few-clicks solution!

Is attracting vendors your main issue?

Not anymore! SyncSpider makes your marketplace easy for integration for vendors, regardless of the software, tool, or platform they use. Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

Missing product shipments?

Matching sales to orders between Dokan and other tools can be messy, causing disruptions in vendor fulfillment processes.

No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Selling out-of-stock items?

Dokan doesn’t update stock after new sales, resulting in customers buying products vendors can’t deliver.

We’re solving the issue!

Popular Dokan Integrations

Send Product Details from Dokan to WordPress




Send product details from multivendor marketplace to one or more WordPress sites, and keep them synced.
Send Order Details from Dokan to WooCommerce




Keep your inventory synced, and organize shipping from your WooCommerce site by sending order details from Dokan.
Send Product Details from Dokan to Shopify




Fead your Shopify stores with data from your multivendor marketplace. Automate the process and set triggers for updates.
Add New Product from Custom CSV to Dokan




Automatically update your Dokan product list from Custom CSV, save time, and money, and eliminate human errors.
Add New Order from Dragdropr Instantshop to Dokan




Did you get new order on your DragDropr Instantshop store? No problem, sync it with Dokan and keep one inventory list.
Add Order Status from eBay to Dokan




Sync updates! Change inventory status on Dokan whenever you sell something on eBay, and keep one customer list.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What’s different with SyncSpider integration?

    SyncSpider software provides the Integration Addon for Dokan that eliminates the complicated integration procedures that most vendors had with Dokan multi-vendor marketplaces. From now on, you’ll be able to attract more vendors by offering a simplified integration process. Make your onboarding process smooth and fast.

    What other apps does Dokan Multivendor integrate with?

    Dokan is created as a plugin for WordPress. You can use Dokan with any other tool, software, marketplace, or platform through SyncSpider. Even if that particular tool is not on the SyncSpider list, you can always reach out to automation experts to offer you a unique solution.

    Can Dokan be used in a single-seller mode?

    Yes, it can. If you want to enable the customer to only buy from one vendor at a time, you need to activate a single-seller mode in your marketplace.

    Can each vendor customize their store?

    Yes, they can. Vendors can customize their stores from the vendor dashboard settings. As a vendor, you have complete control over your eCommerce store customization. For customizing your store pages, you can use any WooCommerce theme.

    Does Dokan Multivendor offer an API?

    The Dokan plugin doesn’t provide a Rest API endpoint to register a seller/vendor. It typically uses WordPress’s default API to create a vendor, which complicates things a bit. But with Integration Addon for Dokan, this process is simplified and runs through just a few clicks.

    Does Dokan Multivendor support mobile devices?

    Yes, Dokan Multivendor Marketplace supports Androids, iPads, and iPhones.

    What is Dokan used for?

    Dokan is a WordPress plugin that lets you turn your WordPress website into a multi-vendor marketplace. Vendors create and customize their online stores, manage their inventory, track shipping, and more. As the marketplace owner, you can easily manage multiple commission types and vendor commissions, advertise products, make announcements, and more. With these valuable features, this multi-vendor plugin is suitable for vendors and marketplace owners and makes it a very popular eCommerce solution.

    Is Dokan open-source?

    Yes, it is open-source that works well both with WordPress and WooCommerce.

    Is the Dokan theme free?

    Dokan is the best open source for creating an online marketplace. Open source means the plugin is free, but you will need a paid version to use the Dokan theme for free.