Release Notes, Week 115

Hello, SyncSpiders!

We’ll start with some interesting statistical facts. Did you know that 61% of retailers are making their eCommerce platform a budget priority for the next year? In the second place, with 58% digital marketing, and in the third place, with 29% order and fulfillment.

What are your plans for your eCommerce business? Are you planning to head for dropshipping, open your multivendor marketplace, or do you just want to open an online store to sell your products worldwide?

In any case, you will need a reliable integration tool once your business starts expanding. So, keep that in mind while still developing the idea. That’s why we’re here every week to inform you of all the changes and improvements we made. 

And let’s see what we have for the last week’s updates! We updated CSV, ITscopeWooCommerce, Shopify, and weekly SyncSpider core updates!

Improved Integrations


For CSV users, we fixed the bug causing an error when sending data to the destination..


ITscope users will notice that we fixed the bug causing “Product name” to be missing in the schema and “Product name related to manufacturer” not working.


We resolved a bug for WooCommerce users causing integration to show Secret.


For Shopify users, we resolved the bug causing problems when adding variant validations.

App upgrades and fixes

SyncSpider core updates

  • We improved the Transactional email template manager
  • We fixed the bug on DataManipulation Custom Field

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