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Hi everybody, the last week of preparations is behind us. We are finally ready for the production of a bunch of new integrations. In the meantime, as always, we did work on fixing and improving some existing platforms and our core. Improvements were made on AutoScout24, Shopware, RitaBoss, Magento, ShareFile, Google drive and our core. 

As always, give us your thoughts on what new integrations you think would be useful on our website and, as always, have a great weekend everybody. 

SyncSpider team.

Improvement – Changed


  • Load models from different file


  • Added the main-image field to schema.
  • Removed trace from the error log


  • Added third party component to replace AngularJS’ ui-select which provides pagination support
  • Added functionality to filter modules by supported data transfer direction
    • We now filter ‘New Integration’ by logical direction in task configuration step



  • Temporary fix for duplication of order items in XML files


  • Fixed the bug appearing when getting properties


  • Fixed source configuration settings
  • Fixed task progression % display 

Google drive

  • Fixed ‘duplicate item’ bugs when reaching end of list or clearing the search field


  • Reverted the removal of finished executions with “abort” status.
  • Fixed the TaskExecution job when code is aborted by the system.
  • Fixed ‘duplicate item’ bugs when reaching end of list or clearing the search field

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