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Release Notes, Week 66

Hello everyone!

How’s your weekend been?

The end of summer is getting near and we’re sure you’re getting the most out of it. 🎉

Even if your weekend wasn’t eventful, our devs made sure to help you start the week on a high note.

You probably wonder, how? 🤔

Well, we got a bunch of integrations updated so that you can continue creating a flawless customer experience.

In addition, we added a new member to the family.

Welcome our newest integration ‒ ATUM. Now you can sync external API and ATUM Multi-Inventory together in minutes using the first module-to-platform connector built specifically for growth.

Pretty cool, right? 🚀

We also made a few minor fixes to the UI, custom fields, and execution of tasks. Take a closer look at all the updates and fixes below.

We hope you enjoy the new changes. Let us know your thoughts!

Until next time.


SyncSpider team

ATUM Multi-Inventory integrations

ATUM Multi inventory is the most advanced WooCommerce Inventory Management Solution for serious shop owners. Complete control over ready-to-sell inventory in one beautifully designed stock management package.

Use this module:
  • As a source in SyncSpider Send Inventory

  • As a destination in SyncSpider, you can Create or Update Inventory

Improved Integrations


  • Added payment improvements
  • Added seller profiles for payment, shipping and return policy
  •  Added option to map secondary category
  • Added option to map user defined categories
  • Added additional check for seller profiles


  • Added dynamic options to Add leads
  • Add customers
  • Add Invoices
  • Add Proposals


  • Added WordPress connection config validate 


  • Added support for Product variations


  • Added WooCommerce custom order items meta fields 


  • Added new entity Order


  • Added support for triggers in Etsy module


  • Added new entity Orders as a destination


  • Fixed aborting export when an item is invalid, just skip it instead


  • Added Odoo source products batch size option

App upgrades and fixes

  • SyncSpider core updated
    – Updated combined custom field support text and number field combinations, Added table for count task runs, tasks, operations in user settings, company limits page, Add combined custom field data only for existing items in the collection, add support for using Custom fields in Custom fields

  • SyncSpider core fix
    Fixed custom fields config not visible at some point

  • SyncSpider UI bug fixed
    Fixed trix editor link color,  updated UI for company limits

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