SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion

Release notes Week 2

In the past couple of weeks, most of the SyncSpider developer team was on a long-awaited and well deserved holiday!

We only had one develop on stand by, for emergency issues.

Starting on January 13th, all team members are back! Full power and full force ahead:) 

Check out what’s been coded in the past week, and during the holidays. 



– Per your request, we have added new attributes, now you can also export: 

  • Ad name
  • Ad set name
  • Campaign name


– Per your request, we have improved sale order destination configuration.

  • Now user is able to choose if he wants to use value for Product price from source and keep the original price unchanged, or use default target value 
  • Now user is able to set different partner for shipping if partner does not exists it will create new partner mark same as delivery type and link to parent partner

Hot fix


  • Fix Amazon type hinting


  • Turns out ‘unit_price’ is set to ‘false’ (as a string) when the product has no unit price, which was causing errors when dividing by 100. Added a check for this


  • Config filter big fix


  • Config filter big fix