Optimizing the Customer Journey for Your eCommerce Business with Aleksandra Korczynska, CMO at GetResponse

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Optimizing the Customer Journey for eCommerce Business, Aleksandra Korczynska

Aleksandra Korczynska, the Chief Marketing Officer at GetResponse, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to share the best practices eCommerce businesses should follow during optimization and eCommerce advertising tips.

Key Facts:

  • Aleksandra’s LinkedIn
  • GetResponse LinkedIn
  • GetResponse Website
  • Aleksandra is a T-shaped marketer with a strong bias toward marketing science and automation
  • Her areas of expertise include SaaS, Marketplace, Mobile Apps, E-commerce, Data Analytics, Product Marketing, and many more
  • GetResponse is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that helps you create content, boost sales, and increase traffic to your business online
  • 20% off Promo Code for GetResponse Pricing and Service Plans

Key Takeaways:

  • [00:30-11:30] Aleksandra started her career journey with eCommerce by building the go-to-market strategy for IoT products
  • The customer journey is about the conversion rates, and you should focus on the whole funnel rather than just on the top
  • eCommerce companies work on small margins. So you should not spend much on user acquisition but instead focus on conversion optimization across the funnel, ensuring that you minimize the abandoned carts and making the user return
  • Leverage the free shipping option to have more customers finish the buying journey
  • [11:30-15:56] To optimize the customer journey, get the data around why customers abandon their carts or the checkout process.
  • Then, reconsider the need for your users to create an account to finish the buying process
  • If there are specific steps within the checkout process, be transparent from the beginning
  • Small eCommerce shops should build trust among the users by ensuring their digital presence
  • Businesses that operate in multiple markets should consider the local aspects of each market
  • [15:56-23:25] Before thinking about prospecting ads, configure the remarketing ads
  • Focus on remarketing automated email series popups
  • Emails have up to ten times higher conversion rates than ads. They are also more direct and precise in targeting users, and you can showcase more information

Aleksandra’s no.1 eCom operations hack

  • Remove the blockers from your shopping cart and the checkout process. The less friction, the fewer additional costs you can add
  • Start using email automation as part of your marketing strategy


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