Minimizing Returns and Increasing Conversions for eCom with Allison Lee, CEO of Hemster

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Allison Lee, CEO at Hemster, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss how customisation in product/service offering can lead to higher customer satisfaction, tips on reducing eCommerce returns and increasing conversions and the post-pandemic dynamics shift of eCommerce.

Key Facts

  • Allison’s LinkedIn
  • Hemster website
  • Allison holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts, Psychology, and Media Studies from the University of California, Berkeley   
  • Hemster gets any garment tailored to your perfect fit
  • Historically, Hemster  has achieved 240% growth every quarter 
  • Hemster has attained 99% satisfaction of customers to date
  • Hemster has partnered with renowned brands such as Outdoor Voices, Reformation, MYLES, and Mestiza
  • Hemster achieved a 16% low return rate, 18% higher sales conversion, and has a 99.8% alteration accuracy


Key Takeaways

  • As the CEO of Hemster, Allison aims to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction through addressing customer queries and offering state-of-the-art garment personalisation 
  • Allison believes that the secret to Hemster’s lower returns and sales growth lies in customer satisfaction. She further shares that focusing on customer satisfaction has helped Hemster to reach a 99% satisfactory rate 
  • With Hemster; 
    • Shoppers can get desired fitting alterations and personalisation 
    • Consumers can book an appointment with the provider (brands) 
    • Customers can enjoy in-store tailoring and experience while being in their homes
  • Out of the $90 billion clothing industry, $25 billion goes to sales returns. Hemster helps clothing brands/stores minimise these returns 
  • Allison believes that Hemster’s tailor’s expertise in all types of garment alteration leads to  higher scalability and a high satisfactory rate
  • Hemster allows store owners to enter the measurements of a shopper into the Hemster online portal, which links the store with a local tailor. The tailor then picks up the garments and performs the alteration as per demand. Next, the tailor returns the altered garment to the store or delivers it straight to the customer
  • Hemster saves the store owner from the extra cost of hiring permanent tailors 
  • Hemster also helps shoppers with the re-alteration of an already-made dress and custom-fits it to their size
  • Hemster offers tailoring solutions for stores, where they make sure that every customer’s measurements and sizes are kept safe  
  • Hemster has successfully managed to achieve 240% growth every quarter and has doubled its sales volume in the last six months
  • Allison plans to take Hemster to a level where it becomes the pioneer in clothing eCommerce 


Allison’s  biggest influences

Scott Mark  – Previously the State Manager Vic / Tas at Coles Express 

Allison shares that Scott has been her biggest influence throughout her eCommerce journey. Scott taught her a lot about the technicalities of the industry and how it works. 


No.1 operation’s hack

Allison’s operations hacks are:

  • Keep it simple for shoppers


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