How To Raise Revenue In eCommerce with Rytis Lauris of Omnisend

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Rytis Lauris, Co-founder of Omnisend jumped onto eCom Ops Podcast to share his unique business idea, how to raise revenue in eCommerce, and the impact of COVID-19 on his company. Check out all the other episodeshere.

You can learn more about Rytis Lauris and Omnisend here:

Selling On:

  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • BigCommerce
  • Volusion
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • Opencar

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Key Takeaways:

Background into the business idea and journey into eCom

Marketing is an essential tool that characterises the success of any business. Ten years ago, Rytis Lauris launched a digital marketing agency where he would provide development, design, and marketing services. 

He realised that it was important for any business to retain customers to make a profit. There needed to be a permanent communication link between the company and consumers. Realising communication lapses that cause loss to businesses led to the conceptualisation of the business idea that revolved around automating the marketing strategy for companies to reduce communication gaps.

Is the application programming interface available for eCom?

Although the APIs services are available on a variety of different platforms – for someone who requires an open application programming interface, it is possible now. 

Why choose eCommerce?

The opportunities associated with having a presence in eCommerce are abundant, Rytis fell in love with the dynamics of the industry. He believes that fundamental market disruptions present opportunity and adjusting to these have become his mission.

Impact of covid-19 on Omnisend

Due to the COVID-19, Omnisend was able to profit further because the physical constraints and boundaries that have earlier been constructed are gradually vanishing, which means that customers are now willing to purchase online at their convenience while sitting inside their homes. 

Why do you need a tool like Omnisend?

Empirical data suggests that in the present world, there is more need for such a tool than ever, this is because you will observe that upon your first transaction, you suffer a loss, and the profit shoots after one customer makes multiple transactions. To retain customers, it is significant that they receive constant reminders about the product and business; this is where Omnisend comes into play.

Through its various mechanisms like text messages, facebook messenger, web notifications, etc., Omnisend allows the customer to remember your product and make further purchases. The key is to create a lasting image within consumers’ minds and to continually serve as a reminder to the purchase they previously made.

Strategies for a store owner to raise revenue

You must pay heed to what your customers say and project what they are willing to hear, not what you want to tell them. 

Marketing campaigns, looking at customer lifecycles, lifetime value, various patterns, and trends can help you increase your revenues. Looking at their behaviours and trends can help you make a better idea of their needs so you can act accordingly.

Rytis defines honesty and transparency with the customer as the golden rule. Try to make limited-time offers and live up to the promises you make. Flash sales and discount coupons work significantly, but if they are available year-round, they will lose their importance… so make this time-bound.

Make sure to conduct post-delivery communication to check the status of your customer. If the customer is happy, ask them for a public review, otherwise, direct them to customer support to convert them into a satisfied customer. Try not to trick your customers because you can suffer if you do. Reviewing can also be incentivised under the law so you may reap benefit from that too. 

How can you get phone numbers from your clients without breaking any rules in Europe?

If you seek the rights authorities for permission, it is incredibly easy to collect phone numbers, but a more natural way to go about it is through pop-ups. In these pop-ups, if you are trying to create an incentive, make it relevant to the product that you are selling. Otherwise, the customer will be after the prize/discounts and not your business product. 

Future goals of Omnisend

The goal is for the customer to have a flat learning curve and to create an interface that is extremely easy and flexible to use.

Rytis’s biggest influence: 

Rytis believes that his customers are his best teacher because he can analyse their behaviours that sometimes differ from their actions, which helps him improve his product.

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