Digitalising eCom Ops and Customer Experience with Björn Radde, Head of Digital Marketing & VP of Digital Experience at T-Systems International

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Björn Radde, Vice President Digital Experience at T-Systems International, joins The eCom Ops Podcast to discuss the importance of digitalisation in eCom growth, how digital presence and customer experience can grow revenues, and how T-Systems International helps B2B eCom businesses with digital transformation.

Key facts

  • Björn’s LinkedIn
  • T-Systems International website
  • Björn holds more than 20 years of experience in eCommerce and digital marketing experience and has a deep understanding of eCommerce, digital strategy, website management, online marketing, targeting, and data-driven marketing 
  • Björn has worked for various small start-ups such as Okanda and large companies, including T-Online International, Deutsche Telekom, Steigenberger Hotel Group, and Sabre
  • Björn is the author of “Growth Hacking – Hints for Personal Branding on LinkedIn,” which helps people establish an online presence 
  • T-Systems International is among the leading digital services providers 
  • T-Systems is headquartered in Germany and has its footprint  in core strategic segments such as Europe 
  • T-Systems develops vertical, company-specific software solutions for focus industries, including automotive, manufacturing, logistics and transportation, healthcare, and the public sector 


Key takeaways

  • [01:11-02:52] Björn bought a book from Amazon in 1999, which he says gave him the idea to get into digital marketing. This was the time when he decided to work in the eCommerce industry. 
  • Throughout his career, Björn has worked in various start-ups and enterprise-scale companies serving different roles such as Teamlead Service Portal, Head of Trafficmanagement eCare and eSales Marketing, eCommerce, Director and Vice President Digital Marketing, etc
  • He joined T-Systems in 2017 and was responsible for public cloud online sales, and cloud services marketing within T-Systems’ digital division. 
  • In 2019, Björn took over the responsibility for the whole digital marketing division at T-Systems, whereas of, March 2022, he continues to serve as Vice President of Digital Experience
  • [02:53-05:04] Björn believes that T-Systems’ the launch of its state-of-the-art website three years ago and its amazing team is something that sets T-Systems apart from its competition
  • T-Systems International is purely a B2B (business to business) digital services providers
  • T-Systems aims to help B2B businesses create a digital marketing experience that resonates with buyers’ behaviour 
  • Björn shares that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for sellers to become digitized more than ever. Hence, T-Systems helps them integrate automation and digitalization requirements in their current system such as helping them set up LinkedIn profiles to build relationships and trust with buyers. In addition, T-System trains their teams to effectively manage these on the ongoing basis
  • [11:00-12:32] Björn’s first book was “Digital Guest Experience.” In which he talks about Tools to help hotels to manage and optimize the digital guest experience
  • His second book, “Growth Hacking LinkedIn”, highlighted the importance of sellers and employees having a strong presence on LinkedIn and how T-Systems International can help the companies achieve success using LinkedIn
  • [12:47-14:09] When asked why people should consider social commerce, Björn believes that social commerce is already generating 30 per cent of eCommerce revenues in the Asian region and is already a big deal in the US
  • Björn says social commerce always existed in the B2C space, but figuring out how to bring social commerce into the B2B sales structure will be an interesting challenge
  • [18:57-19:27] Björn’s advice for people getting into digital marketing is to gain maximum knowledge about the industry, understand how AI, and programmatic buying works, and most importantly, remain curious
  • [22:19-23:28] To ensure their customers have a constantly good experience, Björn shares three-step formula to offer constantly offer a great experience to the customers;
    • Check every digital touchpoint
    • Plan excitement throughout the customer’s journey
    • Always ask for customer’s feedback at every stage of the funnel to improvise


Björn’s no.1 eCom Ops hack 

“Create a great digital presence of your brand.” Björn believes that digital presence not only helps an eCom site to create brand awareness but it helps a great deal in increasing revenues, sales and customer relationships. 




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