Build eCommerce Customer Base with Matthew Barnett, Founder of Bonjoro

Matthew Barnett, Founder at Bonjoro, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to share the importance of a personalised customer journey to increase eCom sales, how he ensures leads conversion for eCom clients and pricing strategies. 

Key Facts

  • Matthew’s LinkedIn
  • Bonjoro website
  • Bonjoro is based in Texas, London, and Sydney
  • Approx 95% of Bonjoro’s customers are overseas
  • Bonjoro is a B2B company 
  • Bonjoro is available on iOS, Android and other platforms
  • Bonjoro uses the Stripe payment platform 
  • Bonjoro tripled response rates vs automated emails overnight
  • Bonjoro gets better open rates with personalised video emails

Key Takeaways

  • Bonjoro helps its clients with leads conversion, activating repeat purchases and driving testimonials. It further; 
    • Allows customers to send individual personalised video messages to say thank you to consumers 
    • Helps convert, retain and grow your customer base by sending video messages at the right moment
    • Helps you stand out, win trust and create real and lasting relationships with your customers
  • Bonjoro’s personalised video messages can contain thank you notes, promotions, new arrivals and updates
  • Matthew believes that customised video messages are a great way to connect with the customers and keep them engaged 
  • To derive maximum response rates from video marketing, Bonjoro offers a trigger-based platform, which schedules the video messages to release at a set time and date
  • Matthew believes that customers interaction and engagement is the main factor that helps businesses build better products 
  • Bonjoro is meant to provide a communicative and trustworthy environment for its clients and their customers 
  • Bonjoro uses Rollups to send video marketing messages to multiple customers simultaneously 
  • Matthew share his method for creating the right pricing for customers; 
    • Pricing should be based on customer buying pattern, basket size and technical insights
    • Apply a user-based pricing model whereby more users mean more revenue 
    • Testing the prices vs value the product provides 
  • Bonjoro’s context rollup offers a group feature. where multiple companies/customers are invited together for a group video 
  • Bonjoro analyses targeted audiences and segments to understand customers needs. Based on this analysis, Bonjoro can offer better product positioning strategies to eCom clients
  • Bonjoro’s work culture has been the main driver of their business success. Matthew believes that a competent team allows you to focus on your primary business and multitask simultaneously
  • Being a global company that handles international payments can be quite challenging. Hence, Bonjoro uses Stripe to systemise its payments across various currencies 


Matthew’s biggest influences

  • Matthew’s biggest influence has been his diverse and loyal customer base. 

No.1 operation’s hack

  • Develop a communicative and trustworthy environment for employees, clients and consumers

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