A/B Testing Strategies for eCommerce with Oliver Palmer, Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant at oliverpalmer.com

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Oliver Palmer, Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant of oliverpalmer.com, joins the eCom Ops Podcast. He will talk about eCommerce product optimization, A/B testing strategies, and user research for the best eCom results.

Key Facts

  • Oliver’s LinkedIn
  • Oliver is an experienced entrepreneur and optimization specialist
  • oliverpalmer’s website 
  • oliverpalmer.com is a consultancy that helps enterprises become more adept at running large-scale business experiments . Clients include Kmart Australia, JB HiFi, Nissan, and Australian Super
  • Oliver holds a B.A. (Media and Communication) in Communication and Cultural Studies from the University of Melbourne
  • Oliver is based in Melbourne and works with clients worldwide to grow conversion rates and improve the ROI of optimization. He ran his first A/B test in 2008 while contracting to a London law firm. Over the next few years, he worked in various eCommerce roles, from doing site merchandising at Amazon to managing the online arm of a cult magazine retailer in Melbourne

Key Takeaways

  •  [ 00:06:27 ] To get valid statistical inferences for A/B testing in eCommerce, you need to have a lot of traffic
  • [ 00:07:02 ] To assess an A/B test for statistical significance and validity is to look at the baseline conversion rate. The higher your conversion rate, the lesser your sample size
  • [ 00:10:30 ] For small and medium-sized companies with lesser traffic and revenue per annum, A/B testing is probably not necessary; user research will suffice to get the desired results
  • [ 00:18:36 ] The major mistake optimizers make is not having a good hypothesis, for example, enlarging the hero banner’s size to increase the website traffic. After close analysis, they find out their hypothesis is wrong
  • [ 00:21:02 ] Even if you are doing A/B testing, you should also carry out user testing alongside
  • [ 00:21:50 ] Utilize A/B testing, not for discovery but for validation
  • [ 00:21:55 ] Whether or not you are running experiments, make sure you are talking to customers and doing qualitative research
  • [ 00:22:30 ] Alternative to talking directly to the customer is to talk to your customer service and sales team to find out your customers’ pain points 
  • [ 00:22:36 ] Whatever you do, get close to your customers before running A/B testing. This will provide an extra level of validation and ensure you have a high level of success
  •  [ 00:23:20 ] Concerning green/red button tests, the only time this can be successful is if there’s a color contrast and the copy on the buttons is compelling

Oliver’s No.1 eCom Operations hack

“For Small and medium-size companies with lesser traffic and revenue per annum, user research will suffice over an A/B test to get the desired results”.


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