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Partnership Announcement: Helpwise and SyncSpider

We’re excited to present you with a new partnership between two very powerful tools for automating your business – Helpwise and SyncSpider.

When both tools are integrated and work in sync, they will simplify all the processes for you, your team, and your customers.

First of all, let’s begin by introducing the foundation of this long-term partnership.

Partnership Announcement: Helpwise and SyncSpider

The primary objective of this new partnership is to provide a flawless customer experience by automating repetitive tasks.

Without proper customer support automation software, your employees usually waste time allocating tickets by priority and delegating them to suitable agents.

When you communicate with your customers using multiple platforms, you can easily lose track of the priority tickets by piling up other daily tasks in your inbox or chat.

If this happens while running a successful eCommerce store, it could potentially frustrate your customers and leave your store with negative reviews.

For this reason, SyncSpider and Helpwise are partnering up to help you automate all customer queries by managing all your communication platforms in one place.

Your team can now access all shared inboxes across your favorite apps such as email, WhatsApp, webshop chat widgets, or any social media account.

Without further ado, let’s see what Helpwise has to offer.

How Can Helpwise Help Your Business?

Helpwise mission is to improve the customer experience by managing all your communication channels in one place.

That is called the Shared Inbox.

The Shared Inbox can be used by sales, SaaS, e-commerce, real estate, logistics, customer support, and any other company that strives to organize its communication channels into one single station.

This way, your team members can manage all customer queries from one place instead of getting stretched out and wasting valuable time across multiple channels.

Imagine being a customer support agent switching between multiple queries such as website chat, email, and social media. Whenever you get a notification about a question, you have to switch between platforms and manually assign priority to other agents specialized in that matter.

You lose valuable time and effort by not automating the whole customer experience. In addition, it’s tough to keep track of the vital customer queries by cluttering your inbox with other tasks.

With the Shared Inbox, you can assign priority, and delegate customer queries with a single click. You can categorize conversations with customers and clients by importance or type. In addition, you can always leave notes to other team members as a gentle reminder.

As part of all this, you can determine which member will respond, to whom, and to which requests with just one click.

We can categorize conversations with customers or clients by importance or type. Also, we can leave notes if we want to mention something to someone.

The best part about Helpwise is that now you can sync it up with your favorite apps by integrating it with SyncSpider.

Benefits of Integrating Helpwise with SyncSpider

What do all successful brands have in common?

As you’ve already seen, the most successful brands strive to create a flawless customer experience.

In simple terms, you should look at your customers as guests you’ve invited to a party, and you’re the host. It’s your job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

And we all know that happy customers turn into passionate brand advocates. They leave positive reviews, write detailed posts on social media and recommend your products to their closest peers.

Well, SyncSpider and Helpwise strive for that precisely.

Let’s get a bit more practical.

You can set up a chatbox on your webshop. Here, your customers can get answers to all frequently asked questions such as:

  • What’s the delivery time?
  • How can I return the order?
  • Do you provide refunds?

When it comes to frequently asked questions, Helpwise helps you set up a chatbot to help you automate the replies. That way, your chatbox can trigger automatic responses to basic queries to save time and focus on more important ones.

When it comes to more complicated queries such as personal problems, your customer support should provide an appropriate response as soon as possible. To achieve this, you need a well-oiled team and task automation.

Within Helpwise, some Rules ensure that a specific action follows if a condition is met.

For example, if the email is not opened, send it to a particular member for a review.

It is an excellent feature for automating tasks by following a set of rules. However, it’s not enough to scale up your business to a higher level.

Let’s take a deeper look at the following integration between Zoho CRM, Helpwise, and SyncSpider.

If you integrate Zoho CRM with Helpwise in SyncSpider, you can automate the whole exchange of data transfer for each customer, such as contact details, chats, leads, etc.

Without this integration, you will have to manually update data transfer , which can be exhausting and time-consuming.

You can now automate your sales and marketing efforts by integrating Helpwise and Zoho CRM in SyncSpider.

Without this integration, you will have to manually update data transfer , which can be exhausting and time-consuming.

You can now automate your sales and marketing efforts by integrating Helpwise and Zoho CRM in SyncSpider.

Why? You (might) ask.

Well, because you will be able to manage all your customer’s data from one single place and schedule when the data will be transferred. In addition, you can determine all the customer attributes, how often it will be done and when you want that data to be synced.

You can synchronize your data transfer on autopilot with a single click, and focus your valuable time on making your customers happier.

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Now, your team members will be able to focus on brainstorming, testing, and optimizing strategies when you don’t have to spend time on boring tasks every day.

This is the moment when you enjoy the benefits and reap the rewards of effective marketing automation.

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