Release Notes, Week 98

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Release Notes, Week 98

Hi, there, SyncSpiders! ????

We’ve been busy, and we want to present everything we fixed and improved over the past 7 days! ????️????️

Okay, so here we go! ????✨

Did you struggle when pulling and sorting contact details when using ActiveCampaign? Well, not anymore! From now on, you will be able to pull data from other sources to your new Custom Fields for the Contact Entity on ActiveCampaign! ????

But we didn’t stop there! For all of you who use Weclapp as a source, we have new Custom Attributes in Weclapp (for Articles, Contacts, Leads, Customers, and Sales Orders).

We also improved Custom CSV with a new CSV feature! If you were having issues tracking which changes you had in your CSV file, now, with Data Status Tracker, that wouldn’t be a problem! It will clearly show you which files have been updated and even which ones are deleted. ????????????

Important notice: For those using the Value Manipulation custom field. We updated the code, and it is necessary to delete the previously created Value Manipulation custom fields and create them again since the previously created fields will not be able to function correctly with the latest code. 

And that’s not all! We improved ActiveCampaign, Weclapp, WooCommerce, Shopify, LightspeedHubspot, Custom CSV, and SyncSpider core updates!

Improved Integrations


For ActiveCampaign users, we have a new feature when using it as a destination, Custom Fields for the Contact Entity, explained in the introduction. 


Weclapp users have a new feature when using it as a source, Custom Attributes, explained in the introduction. 


For Shopify users, we have three new updates:

  • We fixed the bug related to the Product variation,
  • improved performances on the Variant meta field
  • and added the order transaction on the source entity (when pulled, all endpoints for transactions are pulled).


For Lightspeed users, we fixed the bug related to DisplayTemplate Workorders when Lightspeed is set as a source. 


For WooCommerce users, we improved creating categories if the category path contains a slash (/). 


Hubspot users will be happy to know that we fixed the “chain” activation of the tasks. The second one can activate an event if the first task is completed successfully. 

Custom CSV

We have a new Data Status Tracker for Custom CSV users, already described within the introduction. 

App upgrades and fixes

SyncSpider core updates list:

  • We fixed the bug related to an inability to save the selected storage type
  • We’ve created a new Premium custom field, “Winfo premium field,” that will generate a complex field with static child fields, with values based on the file extensions. For example, 
  1. The file ending with .jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif, .etc, will go into the child field “Images.”
  2. The file ending with .pdf, .doc, .HTML, .Docx, .etc, will go into the child field “Files.”
  • We improved the XML module, with filters supported (core filters)
  • We have improved resetting passwords; from now on, you’ll be able to use dot (.) and comma (,)
  • We have a new optional kill task feature, “aborted.” 

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