Release Notes, Week 95

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Release Notes, Week 94

Hi, there, SyncSpiders!

Did spring slow us down? No, no, no! We did our best to ensure using SyncSpider gets even better with sunny weather.

Let’s see what we have on the plate this week!

We have three important improvements and two new integrations!

Value Manipulation field

The first one is related to the Value Manipulation field. What does it do? Well, when you synchronize data from various integrations, your values might not be in the same format. Some integrations might use numbers, and others might use letters; some might be in one form, and others might use a different, not compatible one. 

You might get an error message when this happens, and that’s exactly what we wanted to overcome.  

So, from now on, you can configure the Value Manipulation field and set the value option used with specific integration. 

You have the dropdown menu, and you can set whatever option you need.

CSV – Automatic template mapping

The second improvement is related to the CSV files manipulation, and it refers to Automatic template mapping, which now maps CSV modules not only with IDs but also names.

Shopify improvements

And the third one is related to Shopify! We introduced API filters meta fields, and a new Entity Product loading option – you can exclude some attributes or variations that you consider irrelevant when transferring data.

New integrations

Yes, dear Syncspiders, we have two new integrations, MessageBird and Benchmark Email! Excellent news for your marketing team! You can integrate these two platforms with your eCommerce website, app, or online marketplace or platform and make your marketing strategy work like a clock!

Okay, besides these important updates and new integrations, we’ve improved Google Sheet, CS-Cart, Dokan, Custom CSV, Facebook, Shopware 6, Shopware 5, Freshsales, and we have a list of SyncSpider core updates.

Check them all out!

New Integrations


MessageBird is a communication platform used by some of the most relevant eCommerce businesses such as Glovo, Uber, Airbnb, DHL, and many others. It allows you to centralize your customer conversations into one singular thread, no matter the channel. Use this module:

  • As Source: Get Contacts, Get Groups, Get Messages, Get Scheduled Messages, Get Voice Messages
  • As Target: Add Contact, Add Group, Add Contact to Group, Send SMS, Send Voice Message, Send MMS

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is a simple email marketing tool offering various email templates for every occasion, which could make your email marketing campaigns as personal as possible. It allows you to test, measure, optimize and level up your marketing campaigns. Use this module: 

  • As Source: Get Contact Lists, Get Contacts From List, Get Segments, Get Surveys, Get Images, Get Emails, Get Confirmed Emails, Get Polls, Get Automations, Get an Automation
  • As Target: Add Contact, Create Contact List, Add Survey, Add Question to Survey, Add Email, Add Poll, Create an Automation, Add Email in Automation, Automation Email Content

Improved Integrations

Google Sheet

Google Sheet users will notice that we

  • Fixed the bug with the destination configuration parameters validation.
  • Fixed the bug when the Google Sheet as the destination update only using UID creates a new file. 


For CS-Cart users, we

  • Fixed the bug with creating product variations
  • Fixed the bug when trying to edit custom fields
  • Created workflow to support Create Shipment
  • Created an option to add attribute variations when Creating a Product


Dokan users will notice that we

  • improved the Target configuration by leaving out unused pa_x fields.
  • Fixed the bug causing the connection timeout when sending data to Dokan 
  • Fixed the bug with the Variation items not created or created without stock and price in Dokan.
  • Fixed the bug causing the connection problems when Dokan is used as the destination.

CSV File

We fixed the bug with the “move and rename file” error for Custom CSV file users.


Those Facebook users who experienced issues accessing pages with Facebook leads will be happy to know we’ve fixed the bug. 

Shopware 6

Shopware 6 users will notice we fixed the bug related to the CSV file failing to execute.

Shopware 5

For Shopware 5 users, we added the Product Incremental Import.


Freshsales users will notice improvements in matching contacts through the unique external ID and the new ability to create or update multiple values to a multisection field on Freshsales.

App upgrades and fixes

SyncSpider core updates

  • Fixed issue with date format misconfiguration
  • Improved FileWatcher feature
  • Fixed log problems with the option custom field
  • Improved Manipulation/Replace Global Custom Fields
  • Upgraded Module specification feed
  • Created the image entity for product update

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