Release Notes, Week 94

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Release Notes, Week 94

Hello, hello, SyncSpiders!

Last time we had great news regarding Amazon. Though it’s almost impossible to beat it with something more significant, last week, we were focused on improving another trendy eCommerce platform – Shopify.

With 1.75 million sellers worldwide, and 457 million people purchased from a Shopify store in 2020, it is definitely one of the platforms you should consider as a selling channel. ????

So, what did we improve?

Okay, perhaps the most important thing for all Shopify users is that from now on, we have added a new entity – Add stock entity. What does it do? Well, it doesn’t require validation and relies on a cache only, which means your stocks will be updated the moment the change (data, product) appears on SyncSpider. ????????????

Another improvement is related to image variations on the Shopify store. You’ve probably experienced that you can’t add the image variations for your main product image. We’ve improved the logic, and guess what? Now it is possible! Hip-hip-hurray! ????????????

Nope, that’s not all! When it comes to Orders, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve added the Order tags, which will enable you to determine whether you want to send emails or not regarding it. ????????

And we have one more vital improvement for all ERP systems; we extended the File Watcher/Monitor functionality for the Custom CSV model, which is applicable for all ERP systems. If there are more files within the folder, the system will take snapshots of the folder with all files in set sequences. The moment one file is transferred, it will automatically move to the next one until the folder is empty. ????

And for other integrations, besides Shopify, we made some improvements on Billbee, CS-Cart, WeClapp, Lightspeed Retail, WooCommerce, WisdmLabs, Freshsales, Freshdesk, Google Sheet, Custom CSV, and, as usual, SyncSpider core updates.

Check them all out! ????????

Improved Integrations


For Shopify users, as we mentioned before, we have

  • Added Order tags,
  • Added Image variations, and
  • Added stock entity


Billbee users will be happy to know that we fixed the bug on previewing and pulling data when the Get Order is requested.


For CS-Cart users, we

  • Fixed a bug related to the Create product variations, 
  • Fixed the issue with displaying only 10 product features,
  • Improved Create product with predefined attributes in target configuration


  • WeClapp users will have an email UID when Update Contacts.

Lightspeed Retail

We’ve solved the bug related to Lightspeed Retail when previewed values are not showing.

CSV File

Custom CSV users and all those with ERP systems will notice the improvement in the File Watcher/Monitor functionality. 


For WooCommerce, we’vefixed an error appearing when trying to validate parameters.


WisdmLabs users, from now on, will be able to add discounts for particular categories through the Category price Entity.


For Freshsales users, we made standard integration improvements.


For Freshdesk users, we’ve updated the error handling company creation on the contact entity.

Google Sheet

Those who experienced issues with sending data from Google Drive to Google Sheet will be happy to know that we fixed the problem.

App upgrades and fixes

And now, the list of SyncSpider core updates:

  • Fixed bug related to Error on each page of the angular template,
  • Fixed bug related to the inability to create a new event with external API,
  • Added an option for admins to remove users
  • We fixed the bug with the Custom integration list, where a specific company cannot see particular integration status.
  • We fixed the bug with the Front-end that freezes when the destination/source has a large (huge) schema.

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