Release Notes, Week 91


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Release Notes, Week 91

Hello, hello, SyncSpiders!

Spring has brought us sunny days, new integrations, improvements in existing ones, and increased safety updates! ????⏫????

So, let’s start with the integration that will help you a lot with determining prices. ????????

The second is the new WooCommerce plug-in, Wholesale Tiered Pricing. It allows you to adjust the price according to the customer role or the quantity of the products in stock. You can set your price adjustment in percentage or the fixed price, whatever suits you the best! ????????

Okay, now that we fixed the price dilemma, let’s get back to safety! ????

We all know that statistics data show us that eCommerce business is increasing and that we have more and more customers shopping online. But what about those not so keen on online purchasing?

Well, the latest report from Eurostat on the main reasons for not buying online shows that, 

  • 18% declared that they just love shopping in-person, to see the product before purchasing them, or are used to shopping in person.
  • 14% say they don’t feel the need to buy online,
  • 6% expressed concerns about payment security or privacy,
  • 5% think they don’t have the necessary skills for shopping online, or they are concerned regarding returning goods, complaints, and reimbursement,
  • 3% had concerns with the cost, reliability, or speed of delivery of goods.

As you can see, safety concern has been one of the top three reasons people don’t shop online. 

And we want to stay on track when it comes to security, so we updated our servers last week. All clear! ✅????

Important update for all Shopware users with the latest version: You need to install a plug-in to make your integration process run smoothly. For any additional help, you can contact our support. 

Besides that, you might have noticed that we’ve added fields with the Field labels and added a new feature, an option for overwriting FTP and sFTP on SyncSpider, for CustomCSV users.????

And for Etsy users, good news! We have new entities that enable you to sync stocks

Is that all? 

Of course not! There are many more integration improvements on Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, Shopware 5, Shopware 6, and we have the whole list of SyncSpider core updates

Check it out! ????????????

Improved Integrations

Wholesale Tiered Pricing

Wholesale Tiered Pricing is a WooCommerce extension that allows users to adjust the product price based on the customer role or the quantity of the products in stock. It’s a complete B2B wholesale and tiered-pricing solution that allows users to configure quantity-based pricing and set up different prices for different customers and user roles. Use this module:

As Target:

  • Add Customer Based Price, Add Role Based Price.

Improved Integrations


For Shopify users, we updated:

  • Orders filters, which now work with API and Core filters combined,
  • Added discount applications to the Shopify order entity, and
  • Updated Shopify order shipping and the line items handling logic.


WooCommerce will notice that handling existing images has improved logic.


When it comes to Etsy integration, you will be able to add a new entity and add tracking. 


For Shopware5 users, we fixed the faulty call for the SW5 product pre-map config.


For Amazon users, we prepared two updates. We updated the logic regarding the delay between APIs calls and the logic for Incremental Import.


And if you use Shopware6, you’ll be happy to know that we added a check for possibly missing attributes in orders – SW6.

App upgrades and fixes

As for SyncSpider core updates, we

  • Improved date-time formats through the whole app,
  • Changed logic for error messages,
  • Fixed billing address card minor UI issue,
  • Avoid auto-gen email on post sign up,
  • Added support jump to the agency that handles billing,
  • We corrected the Event Triggers that failed to create a bug,
  • Fixed custom integration visibility API,
  • HTML Custom Field – improved HTML frontend unpack/pack after testing, fixed multiple same field instance substitution,
  • Fixed bug with user invitation for companies managed by the agency,
  • Added support to delete company members,
  • Fixed XML integrations that were not showing source config.

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