Release Notes, Week 88

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Release Notes, Week 88

Hey, SyncSpiders!

Did you know that according to Grandview Research, almost 82% of businesses use their customer relationship management system (CRM) for sales reporting and process automation?

And if you have more than 11 employees, there’s a 91% chance you use some of the CRM software. ????

So, what’s the catch with this CRM software? Why is it so popular? ❔❓????

Well, there are 10 crucial reasons why businesses reach for CRM solutions:

  1. It improves alignment within teams
  2. It forms better customer relationships
  3. It streamlines data storage
  4. It has a high return on investment (ROI)
  5. It increases customer experience
  6. It increases sales by 29%
  7. It increases sales conversion rates by up to 300% ????
  8. It shortens the sales cycles by 8 to 14%
  9. It’s easy to use
  10. It increases the sales team’s effectiveness if used daily

Why are we telling you all this? Have you noticed something new on our platform? Hehehe, not to brag too much, but we have a new integration, Zoho CRM! ????????????

Yes, the moment has come; Zoho is now a part of our integration list. All of you who use this CRM software can now integrate it with any platform, app, or marketplace through SyncSpider iPaas solution and export and import leads, contacts, and vendors. ????

But that’s not all! We have a new Variation image option enabled for all Shopify users. ???? You will be able to upload different variations of the same product from now on! We know that sometimes even the color makes a difference whether the customer will buy or skip it. ????????????????

And what else have we prepared for you? We have improved Shopify, Apps, PrestaShop, HtmlForms, and Pipedrive integrations, and of course, we have the SyncSpider core updates!

Check them out! ????????????

Improved Integrations


For Shopify users, we have three important updates.

  • We added support AccessToken on Configuration screen for Private Apps
  • We updated meta fields creation type based on recent API changes
  • And we updated the Order Entity by adding shipment fulfillment status to the schema.
  • We added the Variation image option, enabling the user to upload different variations of the same product.


PrestaShop users will notice we added the PrestaShop model type field for the source Product entity.

HTML Forms

For all of you using HtmlForms, we improved SmartForms, load JS after HTML content is loaded. From now on, the SyncSpider script will execute regardless of position in the HTML file.


And for Pipedrive users, we improved integration API client logic and updated Pipedrive Deal entity error messages. 

App upgrades and fixes

As for SyncSpider core updates, we have prepared a lot of helpful changes:

SyncSpider Core updates:

  • We fixed merge data type when the complex attribute is being sent – External API.
  • We added a new CS-Cart Workflow to support Create Orders – External API.
  • Added Transformation for Merge and Incremental Import Workflow – External API.
  • We updated logic for incremental import workflow – External API.
  • We improved the admin dashboard UI.
  • We also improved initial dashboard styles.
  • Added Connexone OAuth Template – External API.
  • We fixed Concatenated custom field, which now properly sets empty concatenations as null allowing fallback value to work.
  • And we added use Gravatar for account images in user settings. 

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