Release Notes, Week 85

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Release Notes, Week 85

Hello, hello, dear SyncSpiders!

Valentine’s day is over, and we hope you all got yourself a great gift! But hey, it shouldn’t last only one day! It should be all year round! ????

Now, you probably wonder what that has to do with eCommerce. Well, you might be surprised to find out that Valentine’s day is one of the top 5 most significant spending events in the USA and that this year, the total spending on Valentine’s day was expected to reach US$23.9 billion. ???? It’s almost 10% more than the previous year, and it’s getting close to the record from 2020.

If you missed preparing your eCommerce store for the event this year, make sure to think of some unique products you can sell in pairs for the next one!

We didn’t forget the gift for you! No, no! We worked hard to make your business ideas for next Valentine’s day even more effortless than it was before! From now on, the impossible just became possible! Now you can compress all your files and send them from the source to the destination. You can even extract an individual file, compress it and make a file structure even if it doesn’t exist in the destination. Yes, you got it right! We have a new integration – Zip! ????????????????????

Besides that, we made some improvements on GoogleShopping, Shopware, ShoppingAT, Amazon, and Odoo! And, of course, more SyncSpider core updates. ????

Check out all the details below ????????????

New Integration!


How does it help your business?
This new integration allows you to take a zip file from an ftp / sftp / ssftp system and transfer its contents to another ftp / sftp / ssftp system.

How does it work?
It works by selecting it via a file picker; we download it, read the structure and give you the option to choose the root node; if the structure is too complex, there are 2 modes: file mode and folder mode.
File mode allows you to send individual files to a destination.

Folder mode allows full sync folders from the zip with the folder at the destination. Even make a file structure if it doesn’t exist in the destination.

Improved Integrations


For GoogleShopping users, we added soft logging for Google Shopping Content Shopware.


Shopware users will notice we added support for older Shopware5 versions of API and changed API filtering logic for orders import – SW5

Oh, and one more suggestion. We advise you to use the latest plugin version for Shopware5 for the best syncing performance.


As for ShoppingAT users, we updated ShoppingAt order base URL and updated ShoppingAT module config.


For Amazon users, we updated the Amazon IAM role user.


And Odoo users will notice we added Product normalization empty check reorder.

App upgrades and fixes

As for SyncSpider core updates, we:

  • Fixed External API source options field resolver – function argument count fix
  • Improved ExecutionLog added Errors and Warnings counter

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