Release Notes, Week 78

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Release Notes, Week 78

Greetings, SyncSpiders!

Do you know what’s best with eCommerce? 

The fact that you don’t have to leave your cozy and warm home to buy or to sell something.????❆

Well, we’re not the only ones who noticed that. Around 2.1 billion people would agree since they are shopping online. And you know what comes perfectly with that home-sweet-home atmosphere? A good book!

Now, speaking of books, did you know that one of the most selling products of all time is actually one book – Harry Potter. It was sold in impressive 450 million copies worldwide. We know it’s not much compared to over 2 billion different products that Apple sold, but it is pretty intriguing, you have to admit. And if you were wondering what is the most soled car ever, it’s Toyota Corolla (original from 1966 and improved version from 2014), with more than 40.7 million sold units till today. ????????????

Now, whether you sell books, cars, or cell phones, we have some new integrations and updates to share with you! 

We’ll start with a new integration this week, Autogott, an Austrian online car marketplace. You see, we didn’t forget you!

The next most important thing is our core update – Sequential import! Hip-hip-hooray! You don’t need to wait to pull all data from the source integration. With this feature, you can specify the amount of pulled data per batch and send it to the destination right away. Once we pull the first batch of data, we will also send it to the destination system! 

And of course, we improved our existing integrations, Shopify, PlentyMarkets, FreshDesk, Ecwid, and Odoo. Just like every week, we also have SyncSpider core updates!

Fasten your seatbelts, and let’s go! ????

SyncSpider Team

New Integrations


AUTOGOTT.AT is an independent platform that does not only have one configurator for all brands. AUTOGOTT.AT also impresses with a large selection of immediately available vehicles. Use this module: 

  • as Target:  Offers

If you need help with integration, check our Help article.

Improved Integrations


Good news for Shopify users! No need to wonder anymore; we added a status field to the Product schema!


For PlentyMarkets, we’ve updated the Get orders workflow resolves order item UID (barcodes) as complex; users can now choose to map from a barcode.


FreshDesk users can see that we updated company logic when appending it to customers, and we updated Freshdesk contact – company import data.


And for all of you using Ecwid, we’ve updated image handling in Ecwid, added an option to choose if you want to replace or append images to the Product entity, and added a description on a color field.


Odoo users will be happy to hear that we have two new updates:

  • Odoo product import – product normalization array key accessory_product_ids logic swapped places
  • Odoo product import fix source config – now all configs are sent on the update as a batch to stop default values from overriding previously picked values

App upgrades and fixes

And as for SyncSpider Core updates, here is the complete list:

  • Added Sequential import; at the task settings step (last step), now you will be able to turn on sequential import for specific integrations. When this option is turned on, your task will run in batches; for example, it will pull the first 100 items from the source, do the transformation and send the first 100 items to the destination right away. After that next batch will start and pull/process the following 100 items until all data is synced.
  • Updated Intercom: send an event to all users in the company when a usage threshold is reached
  • Added logic to stop the sequential import
  • Updated admin’s ability to delete and edit roles
  • Updated time interval execution logic for resume task
  • Added strip_tags and htmlspecialchars_decode in Encode custom field
  • Improved register page, added missing quotes on review text
  • Updated limit message to show company name and Id of the company
  • Fixed count of task runs in client settings

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