Release Notes, Week 77

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Hello, hello!

December is here, the end of the year is near.????????????

It’s time for summarizing 2021! Did it fulfill expectations, or could it be much better ????. There’s always room for improvement, we know. ????

It’s when we make plans for the next one and think about improving business, following the market trends. And statistics say that your eCommerce business has an enormous chance of growth. 


Well, because the overall growth of eCommerce sales over the last two years has been around 25%, we can undoubtedly say that this steady growth will continue. In 2021, for example, there were 900 million online shoppers more than in 2020, which makes the growth of 4.4%, ????????and you know how it goes, the bigger the market, the higher the demand, and at the end, the better sales. And SyncSpider is there to follow and support it all the way! ????????????

Like every week, we prepared new integrations and new updates, which can be helpful for your eCommerce businesses. 

If you use GoogleSheets, we’re sure these updates will bring you joy because we provided more straightforward reading and the option to choose the specific one, but more about it later.

First, this week’s new integrations are Vbout, LiveStream, Close.

As for updates, besides the SyncSpider core updates, we’ve improved Google Sheets, ShopifyShoeppingAt, Amazon, BMECat, Ecwid, PlentyMarkets, FreshDesk, VivaLaCar, and ActiveCampaign.

Check them out ????????????

SyncSpider Team

New Integrations


VBOUT is a lead generation and marketing automation platform trusted by 1000’s of businesses agencies to automate and centralize their marketing while delivering intelligent, personalized experiences to their audiences. Use this module: 

  • as a Source: Get Contacts Lists, Get Contacts List, Get Contacts, Get Contact by Email, Get All Campaigns, Get Coupons, Get Coupons for a Campaign
  • as Target: Add Contacts to a List, Sync Contacts in a list, Add Tags, Add Carts, Add Cart Items, Add Orders, Add Activities, Add Product Search, Add Product View, Add Category View, Add/Update Customers

If you need help with integration, check our Help article.


Livestorm is the webinar solution for all your customer training sessions and demo. Everything work inside a browser, in real-time, without any download. Use this module: 

  • As Source: List People, List Team Members, List Events, List Sessions, List People for an Event, List Sessions for an Event, List People for a Session
  • As Target: Add Events, Add Event Sessions

We prepared a Help article you might find useful.


Close is the sales engagement CRM designed to help SMBs turn more leads into revenue.Use this module: 

  • As Source: List Contacts, List Activities, List Users, List Opportunities, List Tasks, List All Roles, List Lead Statuses, List Opportunity Statuses, List Pipelines, List Email Sequences, List Lead Custom Fields, List Contact Custom Fields, List Opportunity Custom Fields, List Leads
  • As Target: Add a New Contact, Add an Email Activity, Add an Opportunity, Add a Task, Add a New Role, Add Lead Status, Add Opportunity Status, Add Note Activity, Add an Email Sequence, Add Lead Custom Field, Add Contact Custom Field, Add Opportunity Custom Field, Add a New Lead

When integrating Close with SyncSpider, make sure you follow tips from our Help article.

Improved Integrations


GoogleSheets have been improved with our latest update, and now you have an option to read structure from a sheet on the destination config (when a client picks google sheet, we will auto-generate schema from headers).


For Shopify users, we have three new updates:

  • We’ve improved orders’ incremental import logic
  • We’ve added filters on the config page, and
  • We’ve added support for core filters in Shopify Orders


As for shöpping.atusers, we’ve done some makeup by adding core filters.


Amazon users don’t have to worry about that bug related to adding parent SKU if the category supports variations because it’s fixed now!


  • For BMECat, we’ve added a check if the ‘@attributes’ key exists before un-setting.


And for Ecwid, we’ve added subtitles and ribbon to the product schema.


PlentyMarkets’ users, we’re happy to inform you that we have fixed stock quantity evaluation from “empty” to “is set” to cover a stock value of 0.


As for FreshDesk, we’ve added support to assign multiple companies to contact.


And for WooCommerce, we’ve fixed the bug. WooCommerce handles shipping tax with a missing slug.


Now, ViveLaCar has two updates this week. The first one is that we added column headers to the exported file, and the second one is that we’ve replaced the new lines with ‘\’ in the car_description field.

Active Campaign

For Active Campaign users, we have fixed an incomplete list of Contact tags in mapping by pagination fetching contact tags in Schema Provider; and increased page size to 100 when fetching tags.

App upgrades and fixes

And finally, here’s the list of SyncSpider Core updates:

  • Updated Response Handler to grab error messages for efficient (External API)
  • Fixed simulation mapper dependency, removed duplicate method after merge 
  • Bug Fixed Sync Task removal deletes destination filters – handler for all cases added
  • Updated handling subscription for companies managed by an agency
  • Added handling sub-companies plan calculation for the number of items
  • Fixed can use eCommerce categories in the module repository
  • Added logged-in and invoice paid events

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