Release Notes, Week 75

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Hello, hello! ????

Woohoo, what a busy schedule we have this week. We have Thanksgiving day, only a day before Black Friday, finalizing with Cyber Monday. ????????????️

That’s why we’ve been working hard (and smart), to make your eCommerce business run more smoothly! 

But let’s start with some interesting statistics. It is estimated that there there are around 12-24 million eCommerce stores worldwide. Yeap, that’s a huge number! Of course, the majority never exceed $1,000 in annual sales. Make sure to be in the successful group of 650.000 eCommerce businesses that generate more. And SyncSpider might have precisely the thing you need to achieve that. ????????

Check out our latest integrations and updates! ????????????

For those waiting for the new integration list, ta-da, we have six new integrations! Quotient, Get Site Control, TidyCal, Todoist, and Live Webinar are now on SyncSpider integrations’ list! ????

We’ve improved ViveLaCar, Shopware6, eBay, GoogleSheets, and Dokan.

And, as usual, we have our SyncSpider core updates.
Exciting news – Repeat functionality finally released!!! ????

SyncSpider Team

New Integrations


GetSiteControl is a popup builder designed to help website and eCommerce store owners increase the number of sales and subscribers, improve user engagement and know your audience better. Use webhooks to get any form submission sent to a URL as soon as it is submitted. 


Quotient is super-intuitive online quoting software that lets you create, send and manage your quotes. Use webhooks to receive a payload of data in JSON format whenever certain events happen on your account. 

Live webinar

Live Webinar is a cloud-based webinar software that helps both small teams and enterprises manage webinars and online meetings. This module supports webhooks, so you can easily connect all possible browsers, operating systems, and devices into one single webinar room so you and your audience can connect together with ease.


TidyCal is a cloud-based webinar software that helps both small teams and enterprises manage webinars and online meetings.

  • Use this module as as Source: Send Bookings, Send Contacts


Todoist is a cloud-based webinar software that helps both small teams and enterprises manage webinars and online meetings. Use this module as

  • as a source: Send Projects, Send Sections, Send Tasks, Send Task Comments, Send Project Comments, Send Project Sections, Send Project Tasks, Send Labels
  • as target: Add Projects, Add Sections, Add Tasks, Add Task Comments, Add Project Comments, Add Labels

Improved Integrations


If you’re using eBay, you’ll notice that we added eBay item data storage.

Google Sheets

For those struggling with GoogleSheets, we added support for “is set”, a filter on Google sheets


And Dokan users will have now a new option to filter orders based on multiple order statuses.


For ViveLaCar users, we’ve updated the log, and the user is now presented with a link to download the generated file in the execution log.


Shopware6 users will have one more option to export ListPrice (Pseudo price) for the product.

App upgrades and fixes

Repeat functionality finally released!!!

  • Added repeat task functionality (from now on, you can repeat task from a specific step or repeat whole task execution up to 3 times per task. Also, it supports automation)

As for the other SyncSpider core updates, we’ve prepared the following changes:

  • Added pricing page design updates
  • Added option to use values instead of keys as labels – Custom Fields
  • Added FormStack Oauth2 Client – External API
  • Added guard to calculated field logic
  • Added fails event and logic, add button on task activation.
  • Added custom config options to Collection custom fields – External API
  • Added integration report command

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