Release Notes, Week 74

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Hello, everyone! ????

A little motivation on Monday is always an excellent start for the week.

Did you know that the global eCommerce market is expected to total $4.89 trillion in 2021!???? Yes, we know! And isn’t that fantastic! 

The global retail sales jumped from 13.6% to 19.5% in the past two years, and guess what? It’s expected to go up to 21.8% by 2024! ????

Hip hip, hooray! You’re on the right track! tada

Now, the other side of the coin is that the competition is getting more fierce every day! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! ???? We’re here to keep you always one step ahead in this fast-growing competitive environment! 

To make your eCommerce even more successful, we have some new updates to share!

We improved Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook, Shopware5, Shopware6, Quickbooks and CustomCSV integrations.

But that’s not all! We mustn’t forget SyncSpider Core updates!

That would be all, folks! We hope you find our updates helpful, and we’ll continue to keep you updated every week. Stay safe and prosper!

SyncSpider Team

Improved Integrations


  • For Shopify users, we have added support for the Order and Meta fields for the destination entity


  • For those who were struggling with Shopware6, we have excellent news. We’ve managed to:
    • fix data transmission, and we added
    • encoding for errors


  • Did you have issues with cancelled orders on Shopware5? Well, now you will be able to manage them smoothly.


  • If your eCommerce uses WooCommerce, you’ll have the option to pull the Orders based on multiple statuses with our new updates.


  • With our new updates, you can now choose the Quickbooks Invoice entity as a target.

Custom CVS

  • And as for CustomCSV, we have now added:
    • Custom for CSV support for cloning and
    • support for cloning source filters


  • No worries about Facebook integration; it’s updated with the Facebook integration API version (v11.0).

App upgrades and fixes

  • SyncSpider Core updates:
    • Transform Workflow to support transforming field in collection updated
    • We fixed the bug related to the SyncSpider SDK script
    • We added support for cloning tasks with External API integrations and
    • We have added the option always to send constantValue in query – External API

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