Release Notes, Week 72

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Hi everyone! ????

How did your Halloween go? We hope you scared a bunch of people and filled your bags with lots of cool candy. ????????????

For the past week, we’ve been polishing our existing integrations and refining the SyncSpider core. 

To be more specific, we’ve refined the functionality of 9 integrations in total. For example, eBay, Etsy, and WooCommerce got their fixes for:  

  • order combined lines for shipping fees
  • logging added
  • upgraded their APIs to a newer version

In addition, we’ve improved the external API pagination and updated the integration builder to the SyncSpider core.

There’s a good deal of other updates but we wouldn’t like to bother you with the rest of the nerdy details. You can go through the complete list of changes below. ????

We hope you like and enjoy the latest upgrades. As always, we’re open to feedback and new ideas from your side.

Until next time, catch you on the flip side! 

SyncSpider Team

Improved Integrations


  • Added WooCommerce fix for Order combined lines for Shipping fees


  • Updated SW6 order export


  • Fixed BigCommerce custom fields error


  • Improve log message when product UID field doesn’t have a value
  • Fixed creating new product options and features values when using standalone options/features fields
  • Fixed variation creation when parent product was queued for creation (but not yet created) by a previous variation
  • Fixed variation price calculation – was calculating the wrong way around; Introduce new field ‘is_variation’ to indicate whether a product is a variation product on import
  • Excluded product options on import when the product isn’t a variation
  • Added more verbose logging
  • Added migration to invalidate schema


  • Added logging for eBay


  • Updated API to new version v3
  • Added transaction as source
  • Added variations collection in listing source


  • Added attachments support for Ticket entity


  • Changed model list logic so it’s always up to date
  • Changed validation process so the task isn’t aborted when an item is invalid
  • Move model validation from Transformer to Vehicle Validator
  • Fix first registration date validation


  • Added Odoo order export get tax by display_name
  • Added Odoo return Order line response as ID
  • Added Odoo check if the standard price is set

App upgrades and fixes

SyncSpider Core updates:

  • Updated workers priority logic to TaskRunner
  • Improved External API pagination
  • Updated External API: ui button, basic duplicate using existing endpoints – create data type, generate schema
  • Fixed Integrations case insensitive search
  • XML integration builder updated, image configuration fix
  • Updated password rotation message
  • Updated External API module: schema duplicate – extended fields repo, dataType repo
  • Added option to duplicate External API data types
  • Extended core filters added new initial set filter

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