Release Notes, Week 68

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Hi everyone! ????

We hope you have a productive week full of creativity and positivity. ☀️????

Today, we’re eager to show what we’ve been working on for the past couple of days so let’s get to it.

The primary focus of the new release notes is on integrations updates, minor bug fixes, and a bunch of upgrades to the SyncSpider core. ????

To be more specific, Shopify, WooCommerce, Freshdesk, HubSpot, Ebay, AutoScount24, and Plentymarkets are the apps that got nicely shined and improved. You can find more details about the changes for each integration in the list below. ????

Hope you like and enjoy the new refinements. As always, we’re open to any feedback and suggestions from your side.

Until next time, have an awesome rest of the week! ????

SyncSpider team

New Integrations


Loopedin is the all-in-one tool to collect customer feedback, build roadmaps, and share announcements.

Use this module:
  • As a source in SyncSpider Send Ideas, Updates, Workspaces
  • As a destination in SyncSpider, you can Add Ideas, Updates


Clientjoy is a productivity platform for work that combines all forms of communication and daily tools under one platform. 

Use this module:
  • As a source in SyncSpider Send Workspaces, Leads, Currencies, Customers, Invoices, Items, Proposals, Taxes, and Users

  • As a destination in SyncSpider, you can Add Customers, Invoices, Leads and Proposals

Improvement – Changed


  • Added WooCommerce fix exclude order items array meta fields
  • Add WooCommerce exclude unsupported image types
  • Removed query stuff from image URLs, like? timestamp .etc when checking extension
  • Updated WooCommerce Product source config options added: Exclude Variable Products – If this is switched on all Variable product types will be excluded from the export.Append attributes – If this is switched on all attributes from Variable product will be included in product Variations


  • Fixed bug when the requester is not a contact
  • Fixed contact bug when missing email and ID
  • Updated incremental import for Ticket entity


  • Fixed infinite loop on the Contact entity


  • Fixed infinite loop on the Contact entity
  • Fix eBay variation specific set issue
  • Updated filter for eBay product import


  • Increased batch size
  • Added validation for vehicle Model before sending to API and print a user-friendly(er) error
  • Introduced option to overwrite the entire data set on the destination, deleting items not found in the source data


  • Updated logic for Product variations


  • Updated Shopify entities with the latest API update
  • Update shopify orders according to api update


  • Added option to use combined filters in Odoo

App upgrades and fixes

SyncSpider Core updates:

  • Add SyncSpider SFTP validation assigned users if exists on the server
  • Add pagination to SoftLogger functionality
  • Improved project docs on
  • Update edGitLab deploy script for debug server
  • Fixed SoftLogger tests
  • Resolved task deletion deadlock issues
  • Custom integrations workflows target Configuration Screen showing fix
  • Updated Transform Workflow to support reading from collections
  • Updated Password rotation policy
  • Created SyncSpider SDK for public API
  • Added Core feature to use combined filters API and SyncSpider core
  • Updated price cat transformer XML External API
  • Public SDK added improve for interceptor
  • Improved Public API added public api middleware for all routes
  • Added logging on task level
  • Updated login repository and login rotation for users
  • Added brackets support to Calculated Custom Field
  • Added core filters to custom api custom integrations
  • Updated Public sdk inject sdk in public during gulp
  • Improved project documentation
  • Updated logging logic use ExecutionContext instead of TaskExecution
  • Changed order of deploying code to servers
  • Fixed bug for destination filters

We’d like to present to you our new security patch. Its purpose is to make attackers’ life harder and reduce fraud risks. 

Our devs were eager to present this new security patch so you don’t get caught off guard next time you log into your SyncSpider account.

Click for more details New security patch

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