Release Notes, Week 65

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Hi everyone!

How’s summer treating you? ????️

I bet you’ve done lots of long walks on the beach, drank dozens of ice-cold cocktails, and carelessly floated on inflatable ducks in your backyard’s swimming pool.

Well, our devs didn’t do any of that. ????

Why? You (might) ask?

Because we were eager to add a couple of new integrations to SyncSpider and we can’t wait to tell you all about them.


Ready? Here it goes. ????


For the past month and a half, our dev team was working day and night to add 12 new integrations and made sure to work perfectly in sync. In addition, we made some updates to the existing ones and applied tons of hotfixes and improvements so that you can continue to WOW your customers. ????

It’s crazy, right?

In fact, here’s a breakdown of our devs’ work for the past month:

  • 12 new integrations added
  • 110 entities developed
  • 16 integrations updated
  • 8 bug fixes

And remember, you still have a couple of weeks to enjoy summer. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen so your nose doesn’t burn. ????

We hope you enjoy the release notes. Until next time, have an amazing weekend ahead!


SyncSpider team

New Integrations


Float is the resource management platform to plan your team’s best work
Plan, schedule, and track your projects in one place. Use this module:

  • as a source: Send People, Projects, Tasks, Timeoffs, TimeOffTypes, Clients, Accounts, Departments, Team Holidays, Milestones, Phases
  • as target: Add People, Projects, Phases, Tasks, Timeoffs, TimeOffTypes, Clients, Departments, Logged Time, Milestones, Team Holiday


Sendcloud helps online shops to optimize their customer experience, save time and costs through unique shipping, dispatch, and soon also returns solutions. Use this module:
  • as a source to send parcels
  • as a target to add parcels


Donately is an online donation platform providing organizations of all sizes a simple solution for collecting donations online. Use this module:

  • as a source: Send Account, Donations, Campaigns, Fundraisers, People
  • as target: Add Campaign and People


In 1998, the CyBasar was the first cross-brand car market for new and used cars, and motorcycles in Austria. Use this module:
  • as a target to add Car ad


???????????????????? is a triple threat of productivity tools (Toogl Plan, Toggl Track, Toggl Hire) that helps teams do their best work by being: effective, empowering, and effortless. Use this module

  • as a source: Send Clients, Workspaces, Groups, Projects, Project Data, Tags, Workspace Clients, Tasks, Users
  • as target: Add Client, Group, Project, Tag, Task, Workspace


Watch everything on the web and get notified on your mobile or e-mail. Monitor web changes, job offers, prices and availability.
Use this module:

  • as a source: Send Folders, Tasks from Root Folder, Notifications, Subfolders, Subfolder Tasks, All Tasks
  • as Target: Add wachete (task), Add Folder

Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is a customisable, supported platform to sell tickets online. And best of all, we won’t charge you or your customers any booking fees.

Use this module:
  • as a source: Send Events, Orders, Issued Tickets

You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget teaches you how to gain control of your money so you can stop living paycheck to paycheck, get out of debt, and save more money faster. You do this by following our Four Rules:
1) Give Every Dollar a Job
2) Embrace Your True Expenses
3) Roll with the Punches
4) Age Your Money

Use this module:
  • as a source: Send Budgets, Accounts, Categories, Payees, Months, Transactions and Account Transactions
  • as target:  Add Accounts, and Transactions (The transaction amount in milliunits format)


Mailjet by Pathwire is a powerful all-in-one email service provider that enables our customers to send transactional and marketing emails to their contacts. Use this module:

  • as a source: Send Contacts, Contacts List, Campaigns, Templates, Signups, Contact Statistics, Campaign Overview, Campaign Drafts, Draft Detail Content
  • as target:  Add Contact, Contacts List, Campaign Draft, Draft Detail Content


WhatConverts is lead generation, tracking, and reporting software. We close the loop from marketing, keywords, lead generation, and reporting (including phone calls and web form submissions) to customer relationships and sales. Use this module:

  • as a source: Send Accounts, Profiles, Leads, Tracking Numbers, Tracking Forms
  • as target: Add Account, Profile, Lead

Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports is a marketing analytics company that provides subscription-based, actionable reports on marketing results at each stage of the customer’s journey from the first click to sale.
  • Use this module to create orders.


The CallRail marketing platform delivers the tools businesses need to market smarter, drive more quality leads, centralize communications, and convert leads to customers. You can use this module:

  • as a source: Get Accounts, Users, Companies, Form Submissions, Calls, Conversations, Tags
  • as target: Create Users, Companies, Outbound Calls, Text Messages and Tags

Improved Integrations


  • Added new entities Get Current User, Get Event Types, Get Events, Get Event Invitees.


  • Added new entity abandoned cart
  • Abandon cart entity update


  • Added description field to Freshdesk Ticket source entity
  • Added created_at field in Freshdesk Ticket entity


  • Added product title to Shopify product inventory


  • Fixed issue when sending orders from CS-cart


  • Updated Flowlu workflow


  • Avoid errors when columns are not configured for fixed-length TXT file
  • Do not parse TXT file if column settings do not exist
  • Added “Strip leading zeroes and spaces” option for custom CSV module
  • Fixed file path when SFTP/FTP/SSFTP options are used


  • Added Odoo products fetch categories by chosen store language


  • Fixed broken translations for orders entity
  • Fixed issue with order entity export when a new product is created
  • Updated required fields for order items


  • Implement pagination when fetching all categories in order to actually get ALL categories instead of just the first page


  • Updated create/update items logic


  • Fixed source schema not showing


  • Abandon cart entity update, added new fields

App upgrades and fixes

  • SyncSpider core updated
    – Added Task Execution Job error logs

  • SyncSpider filters updated
    – Added core filters support for categories

  • SyncSpider UI bug fixed
    – Fixed connection config popup bug

  • SyncSpider registration page updated
    – Added new post-registration pop-up

  • Mapping screen UI updated
    – Added dot in source schema when the field is mapped

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