Release Notes, Week 46


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Hi everybody, New Year is almost here and we are doing our best to not slow down with progress. We have a number of integrations in production but let’s take a look at new Integration, Updates and a Hotfix’s that we worked on.

Like always, your ideas regarding new integrations you think would be useful are more than welcome. Kindly share them on our website roadmap. Until next time, take care, and have a wonderful weekend! 

SyncSpider team.

New Integrations

WisdmLabs – Customer Specific Pricing For WooCommerce

WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin offers multiple prices for different customers, user role, group, quantities, tiered discounts & cart discounts rules. 
Nurture existing customers and hike up loyalty by setting personalized prices for customers, user roles, and groups. Create special offers for product categories or quantities, set cart discount rules, and multiple pricing tiers for bulk purchases.

Dynamic pricing decreases the gap between the customer and you, which gives that ‘special edge’ to your WooCommerce store.

This module support:

  • as source 

Send Products, Send USP Rules for Product, Send Users, Send USP Rules by User ID, Send Customers, Send RSP Rules by Role Slug, Send RSP Rules for Product and Send GSP Rules for Product.

We are working on supporting these entities as a destination integration in SyncSpider and will have them available in near future.

Improvement – Changed


  • Add images in target product entity


  • Updated the library version.


  • Added the Product Update entity as destination integration.

Stock Quantity Reduction feature

  • We have enabled a feature for reducing stock quantity upon Product export (only on Product Update) tasks for various integrations. So far we enabled it for:

    • Ecwid
    • DragDropr
    • Shopify
    • WooCommerce
    • Odoo



  • Fixed empty parent product SKU

External API

  • Fixed paths for oauth2 templates and the connection config bug.

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