Release notes, Week 36

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Hi gang, another week is behind us and finally our new tool is starting to be of use. And so we are finally here with new integrations as well as more updates for the old ones. We did some work on and our Core.

As always, share with us your ideas in regards to what new integrations you think would be useful on our website roadmap and, as always, have a great weekend everybody! 

SyncSpider team.

New Integration


Saasu is a cloud-based accounting solution for small and midsize businesses. It allows staff and contractors to manage payments, books, invoicing, billing and financial accounting.

  • This module enables you to Create and Get: Company, Contact, Invoice, and Items

The Ultimate Communication Hub – Built for businesses with high-security standards, Rocket.Chat fits the standards of companies with ultra-sensitive information.

  • Use this module to Get Users and Create User.


FastSpring is a platform that offers digital commerce products for software, cloud-based, and as-a-service businesses, supporting a variety of digital products and distribution models. It enables purchases and subscriptions for desktop, mobile, and apps

  • With this module, you can Get Orders and Create Account.


Vouchery provides flexible, AI-powered marketing software that automatically triggers the most relevant promotion ( discounts, vouchers or loyalty points ) at every step of a customer journey.

  • Use this module to import Campaigns, Customers, Subscriptions, Users, Vouchers.
  • Export data from any of our other supported integrations to Vauchery and Create Campaigns, CustomersCampaign, Customer, User, Voucher.

Improvement – Changed


  • Finally, we managed to implement all the endpoints available, with the exception of the possibility to create Invoices(paid feature) that requires another update scheduled to arrive in a short while.
    • We now have integrated: Get Customers, Get Products, Create Products, Create Customers, Get Customer Groups, Get Bills, Get Product Groups, Create Product Group, Get Storno, Create Storno, Get Users, Create Users, Get BillTypes, Get Countries, Get Payment Method


  • This is another integration that we have improved greatly and is functional again.
    • We now have integrated: Get Events, Register to Event, and Get Event Date Participants.


  • Added additional check to avoid undefined index for PrimaryCategory


  • Fixed empty barcode use case.



  • Undefined index: data in Shopware/src/Products/Services/ProductUpdateExport.php
    • Fixed the error log.

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