Release notes, Week 20

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Hi everyone, we have some more great improvements to share today!

We have done some improvements to our core as well as the Moosend, Google Drive and Odoo  integrations and focused on fixing reported bugs for CSV and Google Drive.

We, also, added new features to our Core and for WooCommerce, Odoo and Google Drive.

Have a great weekend guys 🙂 ,
SyncSpider team

New Feature – Added


  • We enabled deleting users and refactored spark code
  • Enabled utility method for deleting files or folders


  • New fields/attributes added to the Order entity:
    • Variation Parent SKU  
    • Username


  • Additional partner fields added

Google Drive

  • We have now added caching of directories

Improvement – Changed – Updated 


  • We enabled cloning

Google Drive

  • Permission roles are now resolved by finding the best matching permission set


  • Now has support for creating/setting Company as delivery partner for the Order entity
  • Odoo now creates company if field is mapped and not null

Hotfix – Fixed


  • Fixed Core filters (all integrations filters) bug with the bool value


  • Fixed CSV module unlink issue 

Google Drive

  • Fixed the auth problems for GoogleDrive storage


We are giving you all our Change Log Changes, backed up with the terminology and notes from keepachangelog movement:) so you know what we are writing about. 

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