Release Notes, Week 188

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Release Notes 188

Hello, hello, SyncSpiders!

Another week has passed. For this release note, we have a SyncSpider improvement that will be very helpful for all Freshsales Suite users!

We simplified the process of tracking custom events on your website and made it easy to implement a more personalized approach to sales and marketing.

So, here’s the deal. Freshsales Suite has a feature called Event, which represents any action performed by your users on your web app/website, such as adding the product to the cart, purchasing a product, adding the product to a wishlist, submitting a form, clicking a button, email clicks, email open, etc.

What we did was enable SyncSpider to create Event data in your Freshsales Suite from your database or website you use without coding.

All you have to do is set it on the mapping screen.

For the rest of the updates, we have improved and fixed bugs on Shopify, Odoo, Freshsales Suite, Check24, Shopware 6, eBay, and Akeneo integrations.

Check them all out!

Improved integrations


Shopify Order Entity has a new “Modified After” incremental import option.

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We detected the problem with sending Orders from Odoo, which caused an error message, and fixed it. A reminder for the users: a line note within the order lines can cause the issue. From now on, it will just skip that line and continue the export.

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Oh, yes. In addition to improving Freshsales Suite, we also fixed the bug that caused issues when the UID was empty. The system would try to print the ID of the item missing the UID.

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We fixed the issue with Check24 Order Export not working.

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Shopware 6

After our latest updates, some Shopware 6 users experienced a slowing down of the system. We are informing you that we fixed the issue and are now back on track with the loading speed.

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We fixed the bug that caused eBay tasks related to products to fail.

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For Akeneo users who experienced issues with the validity of active tokens, we introduced the “repeat request if access token not valid” feature and solved the problem.

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