Release Notes, Week 183

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Release Notes 183

Greetings, SyncSpiders!

Today, we’re embarking on our Release Note journey with a special twist!

First and foremost, we extend our heartfelt wishes to all the incredible women in eCommerce and to every member of our SyncSpider family. Happy International Women’s Day on this splendid 8th of March!

Now, onto the exhilarating updates for all of you leveraging Freshsales in your operations! We’re thrilled to announce significant enhancements that will streamline your integration processes seamlessly.

Introducing the Freshsales Suite (Previously named Freshworks CRM) integration – a sophisticated evolution of the previous Freshsales version. For our long-standing users, rest assured, your existing integration remains perfectly operational. However, for those with access to suite features, we highly recommend embracing the Freshsales Suite for an optimized start in your integration journey.

Our enhancements don’t stop there. We’ve introduced unique identifiers (UIDs) for all entities, including Lead, Contact/Account/Deal, enhancing data management and tracking.

Furthermore, we’re excited about our third update: the introduction of Multiselect Fields across all entities. This feature allows you to augment existing values without the need to overwrite – simply add what’s new!

Additionally, we’ve expanded the mapping fields for each entity. This development ensures a more thorough and efficient export/import process, consolidating all related data in one accessible location.

While the Freshservice Suite updates are indeed thrilling, our journey of improvement continues. We’ve diligently addressed bugs and enhanced several other integrations, including Shöpping, Navision, Prestashop, and Amazon, ensuring a smoother, more reliable experience for all our users.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of the SyncSpider community!

Improved integrations


For Shöpping users, we fixed the bug causing the Order Date to not be retrieved.

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Prestashop users will be happy to know that we fixed the problem with the Order entity (filtering orders by ID and filtering all shipped orders).

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For Navision users, we fixed the issue that prevented users from correctly mapping the field “Last_date_modified” on any field on target.

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We fixed the bug that was causing issues with Amazon order prices.

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