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Release Notes 180 - Syncspider

Hello, SyncSpiders!

Get ready for an electrifying update in this week’s Release Note! Kicking things off, we’ve got some buzz from the eCommerce world: Amazon has just unveiled Rufus, an AI shopping assistant designed to transform the way we shop.

Imagine chatting with an AI to find exactly what you need on Amazon’s mobile app – that’s Rufus for you! It’s always exciting to see innovation in our industry.

Now, onto the big news from our own hive! This week, we’ve been hard at work enhancing and debugging Shopware 6, Magento 2, Pipedrive, and the SyncSpider core. Our team is dedicated to making your experience smoother, faster, and simply better.

Stay tuned for more updates. Keep ahead, keep informed!

Improved integrations

Shopware 6

Shopware 6 users will be happy that we fixed the bug causing tasks through generic error.

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Magento 2

We fixed the bug on Magento 2 integration, causing a problem when assigning categories.

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For Pipedrive users, we made an improvement regarding the Get Companies entity. From now on, it will also contain the data of the persons associated with that organization.

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SyncSpider core updates

  • We fixed the issue with tasks scheduled on the event, showing an error.
  • We solved the problem with task history.

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