Release notes, Week 18

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Hi everyone, we have some more great news to share today!

We have added another integration module to our list. Another file storage module, this time its ShareFIle

Of course lot more has been done in the previous week we have added new features for Feshsales, Odoo and WooCommerce. Also we have updated some new variants for Shopify. Other then that we have worked on some annoying bugs you may have run into.


New integration modules – Added




ShareFile is a secure file sharing sync solution that supports all the document-centric tasks and other workflow needs of businesses.

With this module a user can:

  • upload files to ShareFile storage
  • download files from ShareFile storage

New Feature – Added



  • Deals entity is now also available for export 
  • We added Format date time custom fields (week before company entity)



  • If delivery address is the same as the invoice address you pass the invoice partner details as delivery details in Sale Order entity.


  • Additional info messages to execution log when exporting ATUM fields
  • Order status filter (Added for all orders except Completed filter) 
  • ATUM multi inventory fields import and export for Bellaflora clients WooCommerce integration 
  • ATUM Inventory to Product destination entity



  • Now added category preselect and category delete when site is changed
  • Now gives access for exporting Shipping Fulfillment information into an eBay account/store
  • Change SiteID destination configuration



  • Now has pagination of contact lists


SyncSpider core

  • Added command to resolve unresolved tasks


Improvement – Changed



  • Updated new variants to handle empty values


Hotfix – Fixed



  • Resolved the problem with schema/filters


Google Drive

  • Removed the limit on uploading files size
  • Uploading files when no permissions set is now also working



  • Corrected the outdated tax classes



  • resolved the bug with JsonTree that appeared when generating schema from web hook URL



  • updated the outdated help message on connection screen regarding URL

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